HDFC Life’s Assets Under Management Cross Rs. 3 Lakh Crore

Business Wire India
HDFC Life, one of India’s leading life insurance companies, announced that it has crossed Rs. 3 lakh crore in Assets Under Management (AUM). This milestone reflects the company’s consistent growth and commitment to managing its policyholders’ assets prudently.
HDFC Life has a debt: equity mix of 67:33 with ~99% of debt investments in Government bonds and AAA rated securities as on Mar 31, 2024.
Prasun Gajri – Chief Investment Officer, HDFC Life, commented, “Reaching Rs. 3 lakh crore in AUM highlights our ongoing focus on disciplined investment practices and strategic asset allocation. This milestone underscores our dedication to managing our customers’ investments responsibly and our commitment to delivering superior risk adjusted returns. We will continue to uphold high standards of investment management to serve the best interests of our policyholders.”
HDFC Life follows a Responsible Investment policy. The objective of this policy is to generate optimal risk adjusted returns over the long term through consideration of environmental, social and governance factors in investment decisions. HDFC Life also became signatory to United Nations – supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI).
The relevance and significance of AUM lie in its reflection of an insurance company’s scale and its ability to manage substantial investments on behalf of its policyholders. A larger AUM indicates a greater capacity to diversify investments, potentially enhancing returns and spreading risk. It also demonstrates the trust that policyholders place in the company’s ability to manage their long-term financial security.
HDFC Life’s growth in AUM has been supported by its diverse range of products offering protection and fulfillment of long term financial goals through savings and investment. These products are designed to meet the various life stage needs of individuals across India. Product innovation combined with customer focus and digital transformation have been pivotal in enabling HDFC Life to achieve this milestone.