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This 76th Independence Day, Amplifon brings the perfect opportunity to enhance hearing experience while saving big. Amplifon – The Hearing Expert is the leading hearing aid retailer with over 250+ stores across India. This Independence Day, Amplifon is proud to announce an extraordinary offer that will truly make a difference in the hearing aid user’s life.
Independence Day Offer – Unbeatable Savings
Amplifon is taking its commitment to hearing health a step further by offering an incredible 76% savings on the purchase of a second hearing aid. This exceptional offer allows people suffering from hearing loss to equip both ears with top-quality hearing aids at an unbeatable price, ensuring an immersive hearing experience while bringing their world closer and alive yet again.

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Amplifon’s Commitment to Hearing Excellence
Amplifon is the world’s largest hearing care retailer with a presence in over 29 countries across the world. With their personalised hearing solutions, they have been improving millions of lives by helping them discover all the emotions of sound.

In sync with India’s journey towards progress and self-reliance, Amplifon has been at the forefront of hearing aid technology, empowering individuals to embrace the sounds of life with clarity and confidence. Amplifon ensures that its customers receive the best solutions available, tailored to their unique hearing needs.
Expert Hearing Assessment Tests – Complimentary

Understanding that no two individuals have the same hearing requirements, Amplifon offers free hearing test conducted by experienced audiologists. These assessments are designed to delve into each person’s hearing profile, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Armed with these insights, Amplifon’s experts can recommend the most suitable hearing aids, ensuring that customers receive a bespoke solution that seamlessly integrates into their daily lives.
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1. Vast Network of Stores: With over 250+ stores across India, Amplifon ensures easy accessibility to its services and products. Their conveniently located outlets are equipped with caring professionals, who welcome customers with warmth and expertise.

2. Global Presence: Amplifon’s extensive global presence embarks its reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of hearing aids. Their international acclaim and recognition assure their commitment to delivering top-notch hearing solutions.

3. Leading Research Center: The heart of Amplifon’s success lies in its state-of-the-art research centre. Here, a dedicated team of experts continuously advances hearing aid technology, ensuring the latest advancements for customers.

4. Personalized Care: Amplifon firmly believes in personalized care, understanding that each individual’s hearing journey is unique. Their audiologists work closely with customers, crafting customized solutions that cater to their specific needs.

5. Unparalleled Savings: The 76% off* on the second hearing aid purchase during Independence Day offers unparalleled value for customers. It empowers individuals to invest in their hearing health without compromising on quality.

Join the Amplifon Family and Take this opportunity to embrace the gift of clear hearing and experience the joy of better communication and connection with the world and people around. The Independence Day offer is available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out on this chance.
Amplifon is the world’s trusted partner on the journey towards rediscovering the beauty of sound. They have been improving the lives of millions of people, helping them rediscover all the emotions of sound with their advanced hearing products and services with a highly personalized and innovative approach.
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*Offer is valid on binaural purchase of hearing aids and available for limited time only.