HHM PURE Launched, Aims at Attaining Higher Level of Immunity and Protection

Business Wire India

  • PURE is a combination of 43 different handpicked herbs that have proven health benefits.
  • The process is modelled on more than 5000 year old ancient Indian tradition of cure for various lifestyle diseases which are relevant even in contemporary age.
  • The presence of PURE fumes affords a protective ring around those who experience it.

PURE (Panacea Ultimate for Rousing Energy), a combination of 43 different herbs that are proven to have immense health benefits, enters the world of wellness market, under the brand HHM World. The ground-breaking product is based on the system of knowledge, known as Holistic Human Metaphysics (HHM) developed by eminent scholar and Metaphysician Dr T.P. Jayakrishnan. It focuses on aligning planetary energies with human lives, resulting in an enhanced quality of life.

Resourced from ancient traditions and developed by great sages of the past, PURE is a form of smoke therapy that makes one feels alive from within. It is based on the belief that cosmic energy strikes the earth from all directions. The process of PURE helps to attract, absorb, and direct cosmic energies and activates the seven major nerve centres – otherwise called Chakras – in the human body.

The universe tends to increase entropy or disorder, says Dr T.P. Jayakrishnan. Many traditional methods have been used to reduce entropy. Agnihotra is one of the most important traditions among them.

PURE, according to him, is a highly versatile version of Agnihotra. Incense from PURE powder creates a protective layer in the atmosphere. It is executed by burning a lamp with scientific dimensions and helps in concentrating universal energy in the environment, thereby awakening a person’s senses.

The PURE lamp is part of the pack, and comes in the shape of an inverted pyramid, called Kalyani. As per Vedic tradition, the inverted pyramid traps cosmic energy in it creating a positive aura. The PURE lamp spreads cosmic energy while fuming, and this cleanses us mentally and physically, he elaborates.

PURE can be burnt safely at any time at any place of one’s choice. A PURE package contains the Panacea Ultimate Powder, which is a mixture of 43 vital herbs boasting tremendous health benefits. The benefits of PURE smoke therapy are that it breaks addictions; energises the chakras; improves focus; enhances memory; purifies air; heals respiratory disorders; eliminates free radicals; has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects; and above all absorbs cosmic energy. Pure is manufactured by Aushmath Holistic Living India Pvt Ltd in its factory in the district of Palakkad, Kerala.

PURE is available on www.hhmworld.com