Hogar Controls Gets Relief from Delhi HC on Trademark Matter

Business Wire IndiaHogar Controls, a leading global IoT company renowned for its design-centric approach and robust smart home solutions, has got an injunction order in the trademark case against its former directors Vijay Kumar Anadasu (Yash), Karun Kumar Anadasu (Karan Kumar) and others.

Hon’ble Delhi High Court pronounced the injunction order in favour of Hogar Controls citing the former directors’ inability to present a compelling case and as they further failed to provide sufficient evidence or argument to support their position. The court has further ordered and prohibited former directors and related third parties from using or reproducing the trademarks and associated materials in any form and media, advertisements including digital and print, in a manner that infringes on the copyright of cinematographic films, emphasising the need to prevent misleading activities.

This relief marks a great triumph to Mr. Vishnu Reddy, CEO – Hogar Controls Inc. and his entire team at Hogar Controls, as this enables safeguarding of the intellectual property rights associated with the trademarks “HOGAR CONTROLS”, “HOGAR”, and the brand logo.

Mr. Vishnu Reddy, CEO – Hogar Controls Inc. said, “This order reiterates our oft-repeated position about the ownership of the trademark and keeps our customers, vendors and the entire team of Hogar Controls reenergized. This reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, corporate governance, and consumer protection through our policies and compliances.”

In October 2022, the Cyberabad cybercrime police arrested four individuals, including former directors Vijay Kumar Anandasu (Yash), Karun Kumar Anadasu (Karan Kumar) for carrying out cyber-attacks in connivance with a Vietnamese company, Lumi.