HomeLane Launches a Meme Campaign Featuring MS Dhoni

Business Wire IndiaHomeLane, India’s choice for on-time home interiors, launched its first campaign with brand ambassador MS Dhoni titled “Takatak Chakachak”. The campaign uses a unique format to tackle consumer fear and anxiety around the unorganised home interiors category, in a way that brings alive the benefits of choosing HomeLane.

Conceptualised by The Script Room, the campaign features 6 quick and quirky ads in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English and aims to reach IPL audience across Television, OTT, YouTube and other digital channels during the Cricket and festive season.

Communication is more desirable and delightful when it is consumed in the form of familiar content thus inspiring HomeLane’s new campaign using meme formats. Today, memes are used to communicate ideas, cultural insights and other concepts in a way that is relatable and memorable. The campaign showcases MS Dhoni or Captain Cool as he is popularly known, in a split-screen format with everyday consumers looking to get their interiors done, where the brand ambassador sheds light on the entire home interiors process made easy by HomeLane. Where the format gets more interesting is in the use of voiceovers used to convey the brand messaging with a hint of regional flavour from across the country.

MS Dhoni, Brand ambassador of HomeLane said in his role, “It was a fun experience working on this meme campaign with HomeLane. Using a format like memes to bring out the brand’s 45-day delivery guarantee is very interesting. I do believe that HomeLane is set to bring predictability to the interiors process for first-time homeowners cross the country and this campaign will help spread that message.”

Commenting on the campaign Rajeev GN, VP Marketing said “We are very excited about our campaign with MS Dhoni, he has been very supportive of our ideas and vision for the campaign. We wanted the campaign to educate digital-savvy consumers about our brand and our offerings but do it in a way that is clutter-breaking, using popular meme formats such as the remix split-screen interactions and dubbing voices while delivering straightforward messaging. The campaign line Takatak Chakachak is very catchy and is universally understood as fast and fabulous across the country, which ties back to our brand promise. We are eager to see how this campaign is received.”

Commenting on the campaign, Ramsam, Founder, The Script Room said “It’s great of HomeLane to buy into bold ideas like these. A very unique use of a celebrity and a new format that doesn’t resemble any conventional ad. We’re very eager to know how people respond.”

Ujjwal Kabra, Writer & Director said “This project was truly a great learning experience. We’ve all come together to create a clutter-breaking campaign with an innovative format, during the busiest time of the year. Creating memes with a star like MS Dhoni is a bold idea for a brand and a great way to communicate branded messaging that will stick with consumers and remain memorable. Look forward to seeing how audiences respond.”

Balcony: https://youtu.be/C2GdB2xOIWU
Man of the match: https://youtu.be/qu4-y-ZZFyo
TV: https://youtu.be/_G7XT-rRyRg