How to Boost Immunity Naturally and Open Restricted Mouth While Working From Home by Mouth Opening Kit

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COVID-19 has grappled the country in its tenterhooks like no tomorrow. With the rising number of infections, peoples one hope is to stay as safe, healthy and socially distanced as possible. Following some of the most basic steps will ensure that people don’t come under its grasp. Since coronavirus covid 19 lockdown in India 2021 can happen at any time, let’s make sure that India remains strongly immune.

In order to make sure of that, OSMF Mouth Opening Kit presents its proprietary and trademarked OSMF Lollipop/candy from its Mouth Opening Kit. For the first time in the world, a company has come up with an Ayurveda based fully medicinal lollipop that virtually guarantees a boost in immunity. This innovative patent pending trademarked OSMF Lollipop constitutes Ayurvedic mouth dissolving turmeric, Tulsi and Yesthimadhu — ingredients that have been known to Indians for better health since times immemorial. This immunity-boosting medicine for covid 19, that was originally a part of OSMF Mouth Opening Kit to treat oral submucous fibrosis is now also available separately along with OSMF Oral Gelto fully boost the immune system to perform at the highest levels against harmful pathogens.
During lockdown many restricted mouth opening trismus problem persons using this DIY Kit at home and Boost Immunity Naturally. Amid Coronavirus: Here are a few natural ways to boost immunity during lockdown.
The TOP 5 ACTIONS the OSMF Lollipop/Candy performs are:-
1) Anti-Viral
2) Anti-Bacterial
3) Anti-Allergic
4) Anti-Oxidant
5) Anti-Inflammatory
1) Oral Ulceration
2) Oral Burns Sensation
3) Gum Swellings
4) Open the restricted mouth
5) Xerostomia
Armed with these five powerful functions, the OSMF Lollipop beats oral submucous fibrosis, pyorrhea, leukoplakia, gingivitis, bad breath, oral cancer, sore throat and related ailments like cough, cold and flu.
Oral cancer patients Natural ways to boost immunity during lockdown. Especially, when a strong metabolism and immunity is needed to sustain the harsh virus attack.
“In a critical time like this, three things we Indians can do the best. Stay socially distanced, wear a mask when outside and boost your immune system using OSMF Lollipop. In the past year, many patients with restricted mouth opening problems tried this candy with amazing results. For a strong metabolism rate and powerful immune system, OSMF Lollipop has been working like a charm. We assure you that with these lollipops, your immune system is virtually guaranteed to work at optimum levels,” said the Senior Manager at Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd.
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