Indian EdTech Startup Bada Business Scripts Lockdown History – Clocks 5 World Records Within 6 Months

Business Wire India

  • Bada Business which offers business skill training courses is the first company in the world to have 5 Guinness World Records to its name
  • The startup has been on a record breaking spree ever since the COVID 19 pandemic gave a major stimulus to digital learning and upskilling
  • The five record breaking online business learning lessons held between April and September were attended by 1 crore people cumulatively
  • Bada Business has grown phenomenally in recent months, reaching 1 lakh paid subscribers

Indian EdTech startup Bada Business has scripted history by becoming the world’s first company to grab five World Records in online learning. The back-to-back World Records were achieved by a series of business training sessions during the COVID induced lockdown as Bada Business infused all its energy into training Indian MSMEs and helping them survive the crisis.

The record breaking online business learning events were delivered by eminent motivational speaker and business trainer Dr Vivek Bindra, who is Founder and CEO of Bada Business. The skill building sessions witnessed record participation of India’s entrepreneurial community and were attended by as many as 1 crore participants cumulatively.

Putting India’s EdTech sector on global map

Established in 2019, Bada Business has single-handedly revolutionized the paradigm of business training for small entrepreneurs, and has now put India’s fledgling EdTech sector on the global map. The massive participation by India’s MSME community in Bada Business’s business up-skilling programs is a testament to their resilience, vitality and drive to bounce back. It also signifies their commitment to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for an ‘Atm Nirbhar Bharat’.

“It is a matter of great pride for us to be able to put India’s rapidly growing EdTech industry on the global map through these achievements. We are the only organization in the world with 5 world records to our credit. We launched a business skill training program in April, 2020 after gauging the need for helping businesses attune themselves to the new normal. After a massive response to our first business learning session helped us achieve the first World Record, every successive session attracted even more numbers. Our initiatives have been able to mobilize India’s SME community in record numbers at a time of unprecedented economic crisis. Through our business skill training initiatives over the past six months we have been able to provide training to over 1 crore people,” said Dr Vivek Bindra, CEO & Founder, Bada Business.

The five Guinness World Records were scripted between April and September, and coincided with a surge in online learning in the post COVID era. The Edtech sector in India has traditionally been dominated by K12 learning and test prep startups. However, skilling and online certification have emerged as major EdTech dimensions in recent times. The COVID 19 pandemic has further boosted these EdTech segments.

Empowering entrepreneurs to revive India’s Covid hit economy

In March 2020 when a 50 day lockdown crippled millions of traditional businesses, Bada Business took it upon itself to train small entrepreneurs to reinvent their businesses, adapt to the changing needs of the time and emerge stronger from the crisis. Under this objective, Bada Business conducted a series of webinars and online training sessions particularly for MSMEs. Starting from Lockdown 1 to gradual removal of restrictions under the Unlock Phase, the online business training sessions educated millions of business owners into adapting new sales, marketing, business and retail management strategies for the ‘new normal’. Through their active participation in these learning and upskilling workshops, Indian entrepreneurs and MSMEs displayed stoic resolve to bounce back.

“Data showed that as many as 18.9 million salaried people had lost their jobs until July this year, with millions of businesses on the verge of collapse and millions of livelihoods affected. At this time of unprecedented economic turmoil, it is essential to unleash the huge latent force of entrepreneurship by educating, skilling, hand-holding and supporting small entrepreneurs as well as the startup community. At Bada Business, we have been trying to upskill small entrepreneurs to reinvent their businesses, go digital and roll out new age sales and marketing strategies for the new business normal. We salute the large MSME community of the country for participating whole heartedly in our business training programs in our endeavor to help the Indian economy bounce back,” added Dr Bindra.

Five world records achieved; 1 crore people trained

The five business training sessions that achieved World record status included the world’s largest online business lesson (April 24 2020); the world’s largest online sales lesson (May 31 2020); and the world’s largest online lesson on strategy management (June 27 2020); the world’s largest online event on ‘How to Start up’ (Aug 15 2020) and the world’s largest online lesson on retail management (Sept 27 2020).

These record making online lessons reached out to millions of people, impacting their lives and livelihoods in a positive way. Such has been the reach of the webinars that their content has been watched cumulatively for almost 200 years.

Notably, Dr Bindra also holds a World Record of conducting the largest HR leadership conclave, scripted in 2016.

The 5th Guinness World Records was made in partnership with Marg ERP. It was an initiative to get retailers, distributors, dealers together to create a bigger impact in the businesses of the entrepreneurs of Bharat.

Key Highlights of World Record Achievements:

  1. World Record for Largest Online Business lesson (April 24, 2020)
  • 4 Lakhs unique Participants
  • 8 Lakhs Logins Participants
  • 1 crore minute (19 years) watched
  • Audience from 115 Countries
  1. World Record for Largest Online Sales Lesson (May 31, 2020)
  • 15 Lakhs unique Participants
  • 25 Lakhs Logins Participants
  • 4 crore minute (76 years) watched
  • Audience from 138 Countries
  1. World Record for Most Viewers for the premiere of a strategy management video on YouTube (June 27, 2020)
  • 1,41,91,200 Minutes (26 years) watched
  • Highest Concurrency: 122,323
  1. World Record for most viewers for the premiere of a start-up business management video on YouTube (August 15, 2020)
  • 5.6 Million Reach
  • 1,84,41,720 Minutes (34 years) Watched
  • Highest Concurrency: 210,626
  1. World Record for most live viewers for a retail management lesson on YouTube (Sept 27, 2020) 
  • Total Reach: 2.6 M
  • Total Logins: 274.8K
  • Total Unique Logins: 201.1K
  • Watch Time: 122.7K Hours
  • Highest Concurrency: 84,023