Innovative and Sustainable Infrastructure Projects from India Win Big at Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy

Business Wire IndiaThe 12th Saint-Gobain International Gypsum Trophy that took place on November 5, 2021 announced two projects from India securing second place at the event for two distinct categories. The project, World One by DHIPL Projects Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai / Interior Designers Decorators Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai won second place in the residential category while the project, DAICEC (Jio World Centre) by DHIPL Projects Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai won second place in the Innovation and Sustainability category. The two projects won amongst 74 projects from 30 countries competing in six categories (Plasterboard, Plaster, Residential, Non-Residential Innovation & Sustainability and Ceilings) for the chance to win one of the total 14 prizes.

The global event that first started in Paris during the year 1998 invites contractors to share their most impressive work in Drywall systems and plaster-based projects from around the globe as a part of the Saint-Gobain International Gypsum Trophy. This platform honors craftsmen, installers, and plasterers, who use Saint-Gobain Gypsum solutions in sustainability (including comfort), safety, aesthetics, and modularity to build a better world. The trophy is a celebration of their accomplishments at one of the world’s largest gypsum industry events. Every two years, since 1998, the Saint-Gobain International Gypsum Trophy has become an event of reference, gathering the most breathtaking developments, and setting world standards for quality craftsmanship in drywall systems and plastering.

Speaking on the big win for the Indian Contingent at the platform, Sudeep Kolte, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Saint-Gobain India Pvt. Ltd. – Gyproc, said, “There is immense talent among Indian craftsmen and visionaries and the recognition at the Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy is a testimony to the same. As an industry leader, the onus is on us to put forth the best practices and examples that places India, and its use of sustainable alternatives in building, at par with global standards. The intent is to further encourage and promote acceptance of alternative solutions in the country, in line with the government’s vision towards green buildings and growing focus on environment sustainability. Gypsum-led products have found an effective place in design, architecture and construction. The effort here on, would be to strengthen this presence and pave the way for more such solutions and innovations in the market. Recognition on global platforms help us propagate the vast advantages and be one of the drivers of the much-awaited change towards green building in our country.”

While the win is big, being a part of a global showcase of exemplary work towards futuristic and sustainable infrastructure motivates talent to do better than what they already have. The industry has yet only scratched the surface when it comes to exploring the advantages of green alternatives. Through such projects, one can advocate technologies like drywalls that stand tall as an example for a sustainable tomorrow. Thus, these projects have been excellent example of how talent and vision can help us make a mark globally especially within niche markets such as Drywall construction.

In 2021, participants from countries including Mexico, Russia, Croatia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus entered the international competition for the first time and were added to the many countries regularly participating at the event. The contractors have accomplished impossible feats by combining their know-how and skills with world-class materials to create high performance solutions. These creators demonstrated their boundless creativity through their projects across residences, hotels, art centers, stadiums, hospitals, etc.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc continues to applaud and bring forth the talent from across the globe in order to elevate international and local standards of construction with each passing year.