Invest in Bajaj Finance FD to Get Assured and High Returns up to 6.85 Percent

Business Wire IndiaWith the stock market seeing record lows and generous sector-wise gains all in a span of 6 months, the reality of how market volatility can wipe out and increase investor wealth has become apparent. The need for portfolio diversification is of prime importance and it makes sense to invest some money in an instrument that offers assured returns such as a fixed deposit. Another reason to invest in a fixed deposit now is that the Monetary Policy Committee recently maintained the repo rate at 4%. As such FD interest rates remain low, but you can still get attractive returns. For instance, the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers FD rates of 6.85%, in addition to having  an AAA-rating indicating guaranteed returns and safety of deposit.

Here is how investors can grow their wealth safely by investing in a Bajaj Finance FD now.

Secure money in FDs at up to 6.85% for 5 years

Investors can earn at FD interest rates that run up to 6.60%  by investing offline, while investors who choose to invest in an FD via the online method get an additional rate benefit of 0.10%. Senior citizen on the other hand, stand to benefit up to 0.25% on interest rates irrespective of the mode of investing.

Investors can park their funds for a tenure of 1 to 5 years, but the FD rates peak for longer tenures of more than 3 years. Moreover, securing a high rate now protects one from any future drops in the fixed deposit rates.

Given below is an example of  how Rs. 20 lakh can grow via a Bajaj Finance FD.

  • Deposit amount: Rs. 20,00,000
  • Tenure: 5 years
Investor Interest rate Interest earned Maturity value
Non-senior citizen investing offline 6.60% Rs. 7,53,062 Rs. 27,53,062
Non-senior citizen investing online 6.70% Rs. 7,65,999 Rs. 27,65,999
Senior citizen 6.85% Rs. 7,85,497 Rs. 27,85,497

Investors can forecast their returns with the FD interest calculator. Note that by investing in an online FD, non-senior citizens get an interest rate benefit of 0.10%. Customers seeking regular interest payouts can view on the FD calculator, monthly interest figures and payout amounts for other frequencies.

Get assured returns at the end of the tenure

Fixed deposits lend stability to portfolios as the yields of an FD have the power to offset any negative results from other assets. As such the net performance of the portfolio still remains strong. For this, however, it is important that the FD carry high stability ratings. The Bajaj Finance FD holds CRISIL’s and ICRA’s highest stability ratings, FAAA and MAAA respectively. This means that investors can look towards assured returns at a rate of up to 6.85% at the end of the tenure.

Bajaj Finance has a customer base of more than 4.4 crore persons and its deposit book is worth over Rs. 22,000 crores are testament to the trust depositors have with the company.

Invest gradually with a systematic deposit plan

For customers wishing to grow their savings through small amounts each month, Bajaj Finance offers the Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) feature. An SDP is similar to a SIP, sans the risk. With an SDP, investors need to make monthly contributions of only Rs.5,000 or more each month. Each such contribution goes towards forming a new FD. There are two types of SDPs:

Monthly maturity scheme: With this variant of SDP, investors can make monthly deposits ranging from 6 to 48 with returns on a monthly basis. Each deposit made is considered as a new deposit and the investor can choose a common tenure for each of these deposits ranging from 12- 60 months. Since the tenure is common to all, each deposit matures after a gap of one month between each.

Single maturity scheme: With this variant of SDP, investors get all their maturity proceeds on a single day. The tenure is chosen while making the first deposit and the same tenure stands for all subsequent deposit(s) which is aligned to mature on the same date. The investor gets lumpsum payout on a single date at maturity for all the deposits.
Investing with Bajaj Finance now gives investors the benefit of high and assured returns at up to 6.85%, earned via a safe and stable instrument. To open an FD in a hassle-free manner and start earning without delay, simply book a Bajaj Finance online FD today.