Language of Diabetes Launch Set to Transform Diabetes Self Care in India

Business Wire IndiaObesity International announces the launch of “Language of Diabetes”, a novel patient awareness and empowerment digital tool. Offered free of charge, this technology-based innovation is aiming to significantly lower the incidence of diabetes complications in India, where diabetes and pre-diabetes affect about 236 million people1. The tool is a critical step towards improving health outcomes where awareness about Diabetes and its complications is very low.

Obesity International, a not-for-profit initiative for metabolic diseases, unveiled a significant advancement in diabetes self-care with launch of “Language of Diabetes”. The tool is designed to empower patients to recognize early signs of complications on an ongoing basis and seek timely medical care.
This patent-pending tool, features a mobile-friendly microsite with an intuitive interpreter tool, offering self-care options, glucometer guidance, and connections with doctors. The campaign also integrates offline engagement for maximum impact. The tool has the potential to create a community of highly diabetes aware patients and caregivers, who not only manage their diabetes but create a multiplier effect through their connections in the society.
Dr. Smitha Nambiar, Chief Medical Officer, of Obesity International, stresses the tool’s significance, “Our initiative is a vital step towards mitigating the high burden of diabetes complications in India. By educating and empowering patients at scale, we’re not just improving individual health outcomes but also addressing a major public health challenge.”
Milind Thatte, Managing Director of P&G Health, said, “P&G Health’s Neurobion is committed to raising awareness on Diabetes and its associated complications such as Peripheral Neuropathy and Vitamin B Deficiency. Our commitment stems from the recognition that pre-diabetics and diabetic patients lack awareness of early signs and symptoms, resulting in the worsening of symptoms, a delay in seeking treatment and above all, compromised well-being, and Quality of Life (QoL). Through our partnership with Obesity International, we aim to empower patients and consumers with an innovative digital tool, thereby helping them to stay committed in our endeavour to spread awareness and education around the signs and symptoms of diabetes and its associated complications.”
Diabetes is a major health concern in India, causing about 700,000 deaths in 20202. The complications are widespread: Up to 21.7% of patients may develop retinopathy (eye problems), up to 62.3% nephropathy (kidney issues), and 44.9% neuropathy (nerve damage)3. These figures underline the critical need for effective diabetes management and awareness.
Healthcare professionals report that less than 40% of their patients understand diabetes risk factors4. Learning about diabetes can make a huge difference in how people manage the condition. For those who receive diabetes education, about one in four (25%) follow through with most of the recommended self-care and clinical treatments. In contrast, among those who haven’t had the benefit of such education, only about one in ten (10%) manage their diabetes as well5. This really shows the power of educating patients in ‘Language of Diabetes’ – it can significantly change how they handle their condition and improve the overall dynamics of Diabetes Care in India.
The tool can be accessed round the clock at The tool will be upgraded annually on every World Diabetes Day.
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