Learn Deep Learning and AI from Eminent IIT Madras Faculty: IITM Pravartak Launches Certificate Programme in DL and AI with Emeritus

Business Wire IndiaIITM Pravartak and the Centre of Outreach and Digital Education, IIT-Madras, has announced the launch of the first batch of the Certificate Programme in Deep Learning and AI on March 30, 2023. Positioned as a high intensity course, this 10-month executive certificate programme, including a 4 days campus immersion at IIT Madras, is designed for ambitious AI professionals and will help them develop cutting-edge deep-tech skills and understand the applications of neural network and deep learning algorithms.

Deep Learning, a vital component of Machine Learning, is revolutionising the business landscape. Complex applications include solutions for challenges in areas like speech recognition, image processing, text processing, fraud detection, malignancy gauging, and many more. Every facet of business from finance and operations to IT and general management is joining the drive to create increased insight and efficiency in decision-making. It’s been said that India’s Machine Learning growth wave is poised to hit $543 Bn by 2023, and that almost 87% of Indian companies are going to step up their investment in AI by 10% over the next three years. Innovative companies are actively seeking out both AI and Deep Learning solutions and top minds to put those solutions to work across a range of global industries. AI and Machine Learning jobs have jumped by almost 75% in the last four years alone. Going by company investments in AI, that number is projected to only move upward.
In this scenario, success hinges on the availability of highly skilled professionals who can understand technical problems in the context of 21st century global business, propose the right kind of architecture for the scenario, and implement the technology to solve the problem in a manner that is as accurate as it is agile. This IITM Pravartak’s programme equips professionals for exactly this kind of competitive, high-intensity scenario. It is a rigorous programme that will empower you to create relevant, efficient solutions to pressing real-world problems. It is ideal for ambitious, growth-centric learners who are aspiring to gain technical prowess in building Deep Learning models for today’s challenges. It is also designed to be relevant to professionals from different disciplines and at different career stages, such as early professionals looking to generate insights efficiently and accurately or even mid-career professionals keen on applying deep tech solutions to strategic business issues. For such an audience, the programme covers every vital aspect of AI and Deep Learning that includes understanding different kinds of neural network architectures, how to implement various deep learning algorithms, evaluate deep learning models, and understand their applications. It also exposes learners to innovations and latest thinking.
By the end of the programme, participants will have deep technology capabilities and sound understanding of the neural network techniques for text processing, image processing, and video processing problems.

The programme is driven by renowned IIT Madras faculty and programme delivery is 100% live format across 150 hours. The learning experience is immersive and stimulating with a rich blend of concepts, exercises, tools, and discussion. It involves a high degree of hands-on assignments where participants can apply their learning in actual situations. The experience also includes a 4-day campus immersion with exclusive access to labs in IIT-Madras’ Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department. The adventurous ones will be excited to know there is also the opportunity to participate in a face-to-face hackathon at IIT Madras campus. On successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a Certificate in Deep Learning and AI from IITM Pravartak and the Centre of Outreach and Digital Education, IIT-Madras. They can also avail of career services from Emeritus that will empower them with the skills and tips to ace interviews and land the top jobs.
Commenting on the launch of the programme, Programme Director, Prof. C. Chandra Sekhar, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Madras, said, “IITM Pravartak’s programme in Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence covers text, image, video, and speech processing. Students will learn how to use Deep Learning models for tasks related to function approximation, classification of images, videos and text, visual captioning, sequence-to-sequence mapping in video and text domains.”

The first batch commences in April 2023 and since admissions are on a first come, first-serve basis, it’s a good idea to apply by (insert date) to reserve your seat. This certificate programme in AI and Deep Learning is delivered by Emeritus through a digital-first, seamless learning, and high-engagement experience. Visit the programme page for more details and apply soon to unlock today’s cutting-edge AI skills and succeed in exciting, high-growth jobs with the market’s most innovative and leading brands.

Further, Dr. M.J. Shankar Raman, CEO, IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation, said, “New products powered by AI are taking internet by storm every day. Disruptions are happening in the AI / ML / Deep Learning space every day. These reconfirms that students and industry professionals must be skilled with best faculties, platforms and tools. IITM Pravartak is happy to announce this certification course along with Emeritus for professionals and students to attain mastery in these areas.”