LocalDukaan.com – an Initiative to Bring Local Shopkeepers Online to Sell Their Products with Zero Percent Commission

Business Wire IndiaLocal Dukaan, a one-stop destination E-commerce marketplace, offers Indian Local Retailers the service to launch their business online with just a few clicks & sell their products to local consumers at 0% commission. This is an initiative by Webpulse Solution Pvt Ltd – a Delhi based Website Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing & SEO Company to help local shopkeepers to come to digital space at no cost. The company’s strategy to empower local shopkeepers is totally unique & different from all other eCommerce marketplaces and apps.

Free eCommerce Website in no time
LocalDukaan.com is a unique platform where within 1 minute, shopkeepers can register their shop and get an eCommerce Website of their stores Free of Cost. They can start uploading their products through the seller panel on LocalDukaan.com or LocalDukaan Seller App (available on both platforms – LocalDukaan Seller App android & LocalDukaan Seller App iOS). Products uploaded by shopkeepers not only get featured on the eCommerce Website but also on the LocalDukaan.com eCommerce Search Engine.

No delay in getting customers’ payments
One of the unique features of LocalDukaan.com is that sellers get their own payment gateway integrated with their eCommerce Website & consumers pay directly to the sellers. LocalDukaan.com does not want to play as a middleman to process the payment between sellers and buyers.

Founder & CEO of Webpulse Solution Pvt Ltd & Brand Empower Pvt Ltd – Mr Rahul Ranjan Singh said, “We are not interested in deducting any fees and commission per sales by retailers and shopkeepers, thus we are integrating payment gateway of retailers directly so that they get online payments from consumers using credit cards, debit cards, net banking, mobile wallets etc. within 3 – 4 days, which is the actual time by any payment gateway to process the payment. Currently, all big eCommerce Marketplaces and platforms in India take 15 to 45 days to release the retailers’/merchants’ payments and this causes big trouble for the small retailers/merchants as they don’t have a good backup of funds to survive.”

Quick Local Self-Delivery
The objective of LocalDukaan.com is to connect consumers with their neighbourhood shops to buy their products online instead of visiting their physical stores. Customers expect home delivery,  thus LocalDukaan.com offers an eCommerce website to retailers so that they can list their products online for their local consumers to be able to place their orders online 24X7, even when the physical store is closed at the midnight. Moreover, using the Local Dukaan marketplace for advertising their business will be proven to be an effective and efficient approach to start selling their products instantly.

LD Sellers have the liberty to do the self-delivery to their local customers’ doorstep.

Catering to the needs of all the industries
Starting from the art or apparel to the cake or cuisines, no matter what kind of business shopkeepers are dealing in, they can register their shop on LocalDukaan.com through the website or mobile apps – LocalDukaan Seller App (available on both android & iOS).

Amongst all the advantages, interacting with the Local Dukaan platform is a plus point for the business as it provides advertising and selling facilities with zero % commission.

Unlike other e-commerce websites or purchasing supermarkets, the Local Dukaan demands no extra charges, moreover, at 0% commission, one can establish or grow the business worldwide using the LD advertising feature.

In this contemporary era, all businessmen are inclined to the online shops and want to upgrade or enhance their business profitability using digitalization.

The Local Dukaan has the capability and unique team of technical experts who have made e-commerce incredibly easy. As the pandemic has affected industries and businesses badly, to overcome the losses that happened in the lockdown, Local Dukaan has come into the picture to help the local shopkeepers and retailers to get the same income through online orders.

Seeing the current scenario of comfort, more and more individuals are looking for options to buy or purchase necessary or needy items using online apps to avoid time consumption. Todays generation has a very hectic work schedule, moreover, COVID19 has changed the mindset of people to shop online rather than offline.

In the 21st century, people are techsavvy and like to be in the digital world because online services are providing comfort as well as reducing travelling and selection time. If you are interested in registering with an Ecommerce store then, look no further than Local Dukaan as it is serving 90 days free trial for the newcomers.

In addition to that, Local Dukaan understands every aspect of retailers or sellers to drive the business through digital commerce. This platform has been introduced to promote the #VocalforLocal initiative taken by our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji as well as bringing the local shops tgrow like other supermarkets and mall shops.

It is the right time for the Local Dukaans and shopkeepers to join Local Dukaan. Also, pack your back to grow the business with Local Dukaan.