LokmatSakhi.Com Collaborates with Narikaa, an Initiative by FOGSI

Business Wire IndiaToday, everything about health is just a click away, but what about scientific data and approach? This is the most important question when it comes to women’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Women’s health is a neglected topic not only in rural and underdeveloped areas, but also in metropolitan cities. Working women, as well as homemakers in tier 2 and tier 3 towns and villages, neglect their health due to family responsibilities, work pressure, and a general tendency.

Not just that, health taboos restrict even educated women from speaking up or seeking information and medication for a serious health problem. Malnutrition, mental illness, anaemia, reproductive health issues, PCOD, and endometriosis are still taboo topics. Even in modern society, discussing women’s sexual health is generally prohibited. Unfortunately, this results in the spread of incorrect information, unsafe home treatments, and confusing remedies.

To address this, LokmatSakhi.com has collaborated with Narikaa, a FOGSI initiative (The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India). Stri Swasthya is a section dedicated for awareness building around women’s physical health concerns in Marathi Language on LokmatSakhi.com – A women centrical portal by Lokmat. The goal of this collaboration is to generate personalized material in Marathi about women’s health and well-being. The micro-site will serve as a platform for basic, concise articles in an easy-to-navigate format, all of which will be reviewed by a network of over 30,000 doctors in India. This effort strives to provide trustworthy knowledge and health information to women of all ages. The project will undoubtedly lend legitimacy and authority to the Lokmat Sakhi brand.

Talking about the initiative, Hemant Jain, Sr.EVP & Head of Digital Business, said, “We at LokmatSakhi.com are trying to break this barrier and trying to reach women across the globe with scientific information and useful content in Marathi language. The content is created with an objective of making safe, scientific, friendly space for women to seek proper health advice, medication and help them to get rid of taboo and fear. Our aim is to make women aware about their health and add value for the betterment of their lives, making them happy and healthy.”

Meenakshi Menon, Co-Founder of WayBeyond Media, said, “When you help a woman or a girl with the correct information to protect her health and well-being, she becomes a valuable member of the community and society at large. The goal is to influence not just women and families in metropolitan cities, but also on the women in rural India.”

Emphasizing on the importance of this collaboration, FOGSI commented, “The greatest unmet need in our society is women’s health. And this partnership is not just a major milestone in achieving our primary mission of reducing maternal mortality rate but also helps our other goals which aim to safeguard the health of every woman and child in India.”

With Naarika and LokmatSakhi.com, the objective is to make reliable, trustworthy, and expert-backed information accessible to the audience with just a click. LokmatSakhi.com is one-stop destination for women to explore and learn about themselves through a series of content by the women for the women!