Marathi Film Kaanbhatt Running Successful in Its Second Week of Release

Business Wire IndiaAfter the lockdown nobody is releasing the movie because of uncertainty and fear around the current situation, but producer and director Aparana S Hosing has decided and released her Marathi movie “Kaanbhatt” with the help of AA Films. The Marathi film ‘Kaanbhatt’ has continued its golden run into the Second week and is breaking records on its way. 
After the lockdown Never before has any Marathi film, and any film made in the state of Maharashtra, had such a huge craze. Film ‘Kaanbhatt‘ is creating an impact on its audience. The movie is getting a very good response from the audience and is being praised by TOI critics got 3 stars rating out of 5.
The film revolves around a boy who is not interested in studying the vedas but finally ends up learning the scriptures and explaining to the world how the vedas and science go hand-in-hand.
While talking to the media Director & Producer Aparana S Hosing said, “I’m so happy shows going houseful and movie is running successful in its second week of release. People are loving my work and they are appreciating my handwork. I request all the people of Maharashtra go and watch this period drama.”