Market Insight Solutions Gives PhD Candidates a New Edge with Specialized Guidance Services in India

Business Wire India

Doctoral candidates can now seek expert support for their theses through a specialized PhD guidance service, curated by Market Insight Solutions, one of the world’s leading market research firms. Designed to steer candidates at every phase of the thesis development process, the program covers a range of services from topic development to proposal drafting as well as statistical analyses.

Understanding that PhD candidates are often running against the clock to complete intensive research and detailed documentation, this unique service aims to reduce time and effort, through research tools and expert advice from multiple academic fields. With end-to-end offerings, scholars can avail of resources right from the development of their research ideas to the final writing of a dissertation.

At the very onset, the service chooses skilled researchers to help one study and gather insights in selecting the right topic within their field. Furthermore, a team of specially-equipped thesis writers can support scholars with research proposals, synopses, thesis writing, literature reviews and research papers, that are often required at different phases of the PhD development process. An especially valuable tool offered is the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) analyses that can help candidates with heavy quantitative analysis, backed by expert statisticians.

Scholars who have completed their thesis can even choose to reach out for an expert review and proof-reading service, for an objective evaluation. Every project, however, begins with a detailed one-on-one discussion to understand the researcher’s inclination and support required, ensuring their purpose is being met every step of the way.

Speaking about the PhD Guidance services being offered, Anima Adhikary, CEO, Market Insight Solutions said, “Our methods are candidate-centric. As consultants, we aim to help the researcher navigate their own chosen subject, supplemented with the benefits of our resources and the expertise of a seasoned, highly-recognized team of researchers, academic writers and technical experts. This guidance can be truly useful for first-time scholars, especially at a time when the country is seeing high numbers of PhD candidates.”
Currently, Market Insight Solutions’ specialized PhD Assistance and Thesis Writing Services are being offered pan-India. Taking into account the urgency of certain projects, researchers can also choose to fast-track projects for shorter deadlines.

In 2018, more than 40,000 candidates were awarded PhD-level degrees in India (All India Survey for Higher Education, 2019). With such a massive number of aspiring candidates seeking guidance, doctorate assistance services can be a great tool to help scholars complete their Ph.Ds. both effectively and successfully.

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