Marketing Expert Sameep Ved Conducts Be Your Own Brand Workshop for Budding Entrepreneurs

Business Wire IndiaHost of reality talk show Almost Famous and Marketing expert Sameep Ved conducted a one-day be your own brand workshop in Delhi to benefit small and medium-scale entrepreneurs across the country. “Digital and Social Media Marketing for Personal Growth” was the time-intensive, crucial topic covered in this course. It was intended for aspirational business owners, aspiring influencers, and media professionals.

The 9-hour-long workshop aided participants in establishing a clear course of action for effectively self-promoting their social media businesses while establishing their personal brands. The workshop was filled with realistic examples and demonstrations. The USP of the workshop was the knowledge on Do’s and Don’ts of social media and how to cut competition which was highly liked by the attendees. They were also provided with a game changing module on digital and personal branding by the expert and MBA Marketing degree holder Sameep Ved.

Additionally, it helped students create an online marketing plan that included how to target potential communities across the entire digital landscape. In order to know how successful it is to use all digital channels, including search, video, social, collaborations, and more, modern digital marketing tactics were explained in simple words by the speaker.

Sameep Ved, Marketing Expert and Digital Entrepreneur, shares, “I have a great leaning towards marketing subjects, which I have gained while working for the past 10 years in this field. We plan these workshops so that I interact with each student and provide a marketing solution to their problems. This was my second workshop this year and I feel honored to have been able to share my knowledge and practical skills with thousands of students this year, which helped them scale up their small businesses. My main motive is to teach them self-branding skills that will make them a brand.”