Meril Academy – India’s Revolutionary Education Center by the Bilakhia Group

Business Wire India
Meril Academy prides itself on furthering the Bilakhia Group’s steadfast commitment to impactful healthcare through tech-enabled medical and educational programs. Meril Academy has a strong commitment towards spreading awareness and imparting education and training to all stakeholders, including world-class healthcare professionals, patients, and care providers.
Established in 2015, the Meril Academy is dedicated to empowering physicians, surgeons, technicians, paramedics, and medical aspirants with cutting-edge scientific knowledge. The state-of-the-art medical education and training centre aims to bridge the gap between rapid technological innovation and its impact on surgical procedures and the future of healthcare. 
Meril Training Academy has a large campus spread over 200,000 sq. ft. at Vapi, allowing sufficient room for doctors and paramedical personnel to be trained by Indian and global KOLs while using innovative and modern training modalities. The key to it lies in Meril Academy’s repertoire of: 

  • hi-tech training programmes
  • modular learning courses
  • strong innovation-focused ethos and pedagogy
  • interactive and experiential workshops
  • award-winning medical professionals 
  • best-in-class global faculty
  • simulator-based learning modules

Sprawling Campus
Meril Academy is spread over 200,000 square feet of serene landscape in Vapi, Gujarat. Designed in the form of a wave, the academy can house more than 750 people and features modern, tech-enabled auditoriums, simulation centres, classrooms and more. 
Custom, Specialty-Based Learning
The Meril Academy is a unique education facility committed to upskilling and educating the healthcare professionals of tomorrow. The peer-to-peer learning culture in a collegial atmosphere makes for a highly inspiring and collaborative learning environment.
The advanced, up-to-date, need-based courses are customised and designed comprehensively to enable doctors from general surgery, orthopaedics and cardiology domains. 
Digital Learning at its Best
The Meril Academy also connects medical professionals with domain experts and experienced international faculty through digital platforms. This focus on digital learning powers the academy’s training in surgical procedures and demonstration videos remotely. Meril Academy is proud to be home to some of the world’s best medical talent to grow their skill-set through simulator-based learning, distance learning, a hardware playroom, a well-equipped library and more.
Accredited for Excellence
As part of the Bilakhia Group and Bilakhia Holdings, the Meril Academy enjoys top-notch academic accreditations. All the medical courses are accredited by the CME and The Association of Surgeons of India. The merit of Meril Academy’s courses is further enhanced via recognition from associations like ASI, AMASI, ABSI, etc.
Advanced Audio-Visual Auditoriums
The Meril Academy has set a benchmark in medical education infrastructure with two acoustically-designed standalone auditoriums for seminal audio-visual experiences. The Takshashila is equipped with the latest direct and live telecast technology to bring alive large conferences, seminars and symposiums for more than 300 people. The 150-seater Sushruta Hall is another interactive auditorium with a WiFi connection.
World Class Operation Theatre and Simulation Suite
The Meril Academy also houses a modern operation theatre for hands-on training for healthcare professionals in a controlled and true-to-life setting. The avant-garde 3000 square feet Meril Simulation Suite incorporates the latest breakthrough in intelligent technology to help professionals improve their surgical skills and hand-eye coordination.
Abiding by its tenets to advance the human skill-set to improve surgical procedure outcomes, the Meril Academy continues to build on its vision to become the edifice of a breakthrough in medical knowledge and training. The academic pillar of the Bilakhia Group’s goal is to make a stellar difference in patient care and alleviate suffering with technology as an enabler.