Nerve Health in Women – Let’s Talk, Let’s Focus

Business Wire India
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, leading women neurologists and endocrinologists came together to discuss on Nerve Health in Women at P&G’s #NervesofSteel symposium. The live session attended by 2136 doctors from 16 countries brought the spotlight on the importance of early diagnosis and management of peripheral neuropathy in women.

“With the many roles they play, women indeed have #NervesofSteel, yet many could be held back from living their true potential due to possible symptoms of Neuropathy impacting their quality of life. P&G’s #NervesofSteel symposium brought together leading women nerve care experts to share information and insights from their clinical practice towards improving awareness, diagnosis and management of neuropathy in women,” shared Dr. Ashley Barlow, Senior Director & Head of Medical & Technical Affairs PHCI AMA & Greater China, Procter & Gamble International.

Studies for peripheral neuropathy revealed variable prevalence across countries ranging from 0.8 to 32.5 per 1000 population. In India, the overall prevalence of PN varied from 0.5 to 240 per 1000 population from various regions and community studies. The burden of peripheral neuropathy in India is significant due to higher prevalence of diabetes cases, nutritional deficiencies, infectious diseases and exposure to toxic substance1-5.

Speaking at the symposium, Dr. Neeta M S, Prof & Senior Neurologist, Nanavati Max Super Specialty Hospital and Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai, India shared, Women are more prone to develop peripheral neuropathy as a result of neglect for own health, pregnancy, anemia & prevalence of metabolic & infectious diseases.

Peripheral neuropathy presents with signs and symptoms such as presence of burning, tingling sensation or numbness in extremities, hypersensitivity to touch, unsteady gait, history of fall and presence of soreness or ulcer without definite cause.

“Around 50% of neuropathies can currently be prevented by early diagnosis, avoiding risk factors, implementing early neuropathy detection, lifestyle changes, and providing appropriate treatment to patients at risk of developing neuropathies,” added Dr Dina S, current President of South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies.