NIC Honestly Crafted Ice Creams Introduces Exquisite Sitaphal Ice Cream, Redefining Indulgence

Business Wire India

NIC Honestly Crafted Ice Creams, the renowned ice cream brand committed to using wholesome ingredients, is delighted to unveil its latest masterpiece – the Sitaphal Ice Cream. This innovative flavor combines the richness of 100% pure milk with the delightful freshness of real Sitaphal fruit, offering ice cream enthusiasts a true indulgence like no other.

Sitaphal, also known as custard apple, is a tropical fruit cherished for its creamy texture and sweet, aromatic flavor. NIC Honestly Crafted Ice Creams has successfully created the Sitaphal Ice Cream to encapsulate the essence of this seasonal’s special fruit, ensuring every spoonful is a delectable journey of flavor and satisfaction. What sets NIC Honestly Crafted Ice Creams apart is its unwavering commitment to using only real, fresh chunks of Sitaphal fruit, without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives.

“We are thrilled to introduce NIC Sitaphal Ice Cream, a true celebration of the luscious fruit’s great flavors,” said Mr. Sanjiv Shah, Director at NIC Honestly Crafted Ice Creams. “We believe in the power of honest ingredients, and this new flavor perfectly embodies our dedication to creating hand crafted, mind crafted and heart crafted ice creams that not only taste incredible but are also made with utmost care and authenticity.”

NIC Honestly Crafted Ice Creams prides itself on sourcing premium-quality ingredients to handcraft each batch of ice cream. The NIC Sitaphal Ice Cream is no exception. The team carefully selects ripe, flavorful Sitaphal fruits, ensuring their freshness and superior taste are captured in every scoop. Combined with 100% pure milk, the result is a velvety-smooth, indulgent ice cream that delivers a true farm-to-spoon experience.

Key features of the Sitaphal Ice Cream include:
  1. Real Sitaphal Fruit: Every spoonful of this ice cream delights with the sweet goodness of real, fresh chunks of Sitaphal fruit, delivering an authentic and satisfying flavor experience.
  2. Zero Preservatives: NIC Honestly Crafted Ice Creams is committed to providing a pure and unadulterated indulgence. The Sitaphal Ice Cream contains no chemicals or preservatives, ensuring customers can enjoy their favorite fruit ice cream with peace of mind.
  3. Handcrafted with Passion: The Sitaphal Ice Cream is meticulously crafted. Each batch is made with love and attention to detail, resulting in a truly exceptional ice cream experience.
NIC Honestly Crafted Ice Creams Sitaphal Ice Cream is available in more than 110 cities with over 300 locations across India majorly through food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Swiggy Instamart, Blinkit, Zepto and more. The brand encourages ice cream enthusiasts to savor the flavors and immerse themselves in the richness of this exquisite creation.