Nichino India Inaugurates New Manufacturing Plant in Humnabad, Karnataka

Business Wire India

Nichino India, a leading agrochemical company, has announced the inauguration of a new manufacturing plant in Humnabad on 12 April 2023. It is inaugurated by its Global President Hiroyuki Iwata San along with other key company representatives of Japan & India. 
The plant features multipurpose facilities for the production of insecticides, fungicides, intermediates, and formulations. The company estimates that this hi-tech plant can annually output nearly 250 Crs worth of proprietary technical grade material. The plant is designed to be extremely safe to the environment with specialities like dedicated acid recovery systems, dust-free blocks, dedicated Nauta dryers, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems, etc.
Nihon Nohyaku Corporation (NNC), the parent company of Nichino India is founded in 1928. NNC is the 1st R&D-based agrochemical firm in Japan and has been serving farmers for many years in more than 100 nations. The company has discovered numerous successful AIs and innovations such as Flubendiamide, Buprofezin, isoprothiolane, Fenpyroximate, Tolfenpyrad & Benzpyrimoxan. The mission of Nichino India is to contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture, food, and health industries while ensuring the protection of the environment and the health and safety of customers and employees.
One of the recent innovations by Nichino India is the development of a new active ingredient Benzpyrimoxan (BPX) after 10 years of research. Orchestra® is a brand-new Japanese technology for effective BPH management that has a different mode of action and a safe toxicology profile, meaning it does not impact the lives of beneficial insects or non-target organisms. BPX works through a novel and unique mode of action called Ecdysone Titer Disruptor, and it has a long residual activity, i.e., it protects crops for an extended period after application.
Orchestra® is part of the “Make in India” initiative launched by the Government of India to promote domestic manufacturing. Developed through joint research between the company in Japan and India, it is the culmination of Japanese technology and Indian intelligence and will be available on the Japanese and Indian markets. Nichino India is excited to bring this new age of technological development to India, which has already shown impressive results with around 2 lakh satisfied farmers, and counting.
Rice BPH is one of the most devastating pests that can cause significant losses to farmers, and Orchestra® is a new generation product for BPH control that has solved this problem for farmers. The user farmers have given very positive feedback about Orchestra®, such as it is the safest solution for BPH control, retains beneficial insects, gives highly effective & longer duration of control, phytotonic effect, healthy tillers, uniformly filled panicles & better yields.

The inauguration of the new manufacturing plant is a significant milestone for Nichino India as the company continues to grow and expand in India.