NIPPON KINZOKU’s Precise Steel Profiles Realize “Hybrid Processing” which Brings Low Cost and Environmental Performance

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NIPPON KINZOKU CO.,LTD. (TOKYO:5491) (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) announced our Precise Steel Profiles realize various cross-sectional shapes requested from customers by cold processing technologies such as rolling, forming, drawing, and pressing. Instead of cutting process, it is possible to achieve huge cost reductions.


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Precise Steel Profiles realize various cross-sectional shapes by cold processing technologies, and instead of cutting process, it is possible to achieve a huge cost reduction. (Graphic: Business Wire)



(1) Eco products…omit cutting process


  • By using Precise Steel Profiles customers can achieve reduction of huge cost and scrap because cutting process can be omitted.
  • It is possible to get high dimensional accuracy by using 4 directional rolling mill.

(2) High strength and weight reduction


  • Controls the work hardening that occurs when processing metal materials by recombining the deformed rolling process. Wear resistance performance and strength are improved.
  • By reducing the thickness of the part where no load is applied, it is possible to reduce weight while keeping the strength.

(3) Designed using


  • Knurled patterns can be added by surface processing of the rolls to add design properties and functionality.

Available Size and Material Grades


[Size] Thickness: Max 8mm, Width: Max 100mm
[Material] Stainless Steel, Special Steel, Plain Steel, Al, Mg, Cu, Pure Nickel, Pure Titanium


Application examples


(1) Automotive car parts: our production plant Fukushima Factory is a ISO9001/14001 IATF16949 certified factory.


(2) Precision mechanical parts: our products are used in precision equipment that requires accurate dimensions. We also handle products that have undergone secondary processing such as press processing.


(3) Building materials and housing materials (rails, frame materials, gratings, etc.)




Our products have been used in a range of areas from the precision field to the construction industry.


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