NTPC Awards Contract to Tirex for Electric Bus DC Fast Chargers in Bengaluru

Business Wire IndiaDay by day, the world is becoming more conscious of climate change and its severe effects. The situation is already alarming, and it is high time to take proper measures before it becomes too late. Fossil fuel is the factor that has the highest contribution to the emission of carbon in the air. That is the reason, the population throughout the world is inclining toward electric vehicles (EV), and India is not an exception. Besides, the present price of fossil fuels in India is creating holes in the owner’s pocket. That encourages more vehicle owners to switch to electric vehicles as their next car.
The only obstacle buyers consider most is the scarcity of EV charging stations in India to charge their EVs. A proper EV charging infrastructure shall play the most vital role in this transition. Thanks, Tirex Transmission Pvt. Ltd., one of the pathfinders in the EV charging industry in India since 2017, plays a vital role in growing this charging infrastructure. They have already installed more than 30,000kW of EV charging stations across the country.
The growing EV charging infrastructure will surely encourage more private owners to switch to electric vehicles. But to reduce the carbon footprint significantly, it is equally important to introduce electric vehicles for public transport. The government of India and other state governments are playing an effective role in this transition. For example, the municipal corporation is switching to electric buses in Bangalore. NTPC, the largest energy and power utility conglomerate in India, undertakes this vast project. NTPC’s growth projection shows the possibility of becoming a 130 GW company within the next ten years.
The above esteemed organization has awarded a contract to Tirex Transmission Pvt. Ltd. Tirex shall support this initiative by providing their best in class DC Fast Chargers for electric Buses for the Bangalore municipal project. Tirex shall supply approximately 4000 kW worth of DC Fast Chargers to NTPC for the successful completion of this project.

Most population in India use public transport for their daily commute. Hence, projects like this are great initiatives to reduce air pollution as they involve the mass use of electric vehicles. The proven track record of Tirex shall ensure a smooth operation of municipal bus services in Bangalore, even during peak hours. That will provide hassle-free transport for the public at a cheaper rate and shall save the environment as well. Initiatives like this shall help to effectively reduce the carbon emission in a highly polluted city like Bangalore (Real-time Air Quality Index-127).