Olymp Trade Launches Fractional Units

Business Wire India

Olymp Trade introduces Fractional Units, a unique feature that enhances the opportunities of SPT mode traders. It enables them to purchase a portion of a stock instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a full share.

Fractional Units will become available starting January 31 in conjunction with the start of the Lunar New Year celebration on the platform. Therefore, its participants will be the first to test the new feature in practice. Apart from this exciting opportunity, the event brings many benefits including gifts and bonuses.

With Fractional Units, Olymp Traders will be able to make investment decisions based on the amount they have rather than on the market price of a whole share. It gives anyone a chance to dabble in trading the stock market regardless of the size of their investment capital.

On the platform, the feature will be located in the Stock Price Trade tab. Go to Assets ⟶ Stock PT, select an asset, and enter the quantity you want to purchase in the Buy window.

The list of available companies includes Alibaba, Tesla, Apple, Disney, Facebook, Google, Nike, Netflix, Oracle, Pfizer, and Nvidia.

Fractional Units: Main Benefits

Today, many traders want to invest in fast-growing companies like Tesla or Google. The problem is that such stock may be two zeroes out of their budget. Here’s where the Fractional Units feature comes in handy. Check out how it works on the Olymp Trade platform.

In the classic SPT mode, you trade on instruments with stock market shares as underlying assets. The instrument of your choice is traded at the market price of the corresponding stock. Therefore, a whole unit might be rather expensive.   

Due to the Fractional Units feature, your minimum purchase amount does not depend on the market price of a unit (the underlying stock), and you can purchase as little as 0.01 of a share if you wish.

The Fractional Units feature enables you to:

  1. Invest in previously unaffordable assets
    It’s not unusual for valuable company stocks to trade at $2,000 or even $3,000 per share. Fractional Units makes it easy to invest as little as $1 in Apple or any other company on the list and sell your fraction when the price grows.
  2. Diversify your portfolio
    There’s no need to invest thousands of dollars to add several popular stocks to your portfolio. Buying just a fraction of a unit lets you diversify your funds across several top companies from different sectors.
  3. Connect with an iconic brand
    You can become a part of your favorite brand’s success story regardless of your financial resources.

Olymp Trade, a top Forex broker with over 60 million user accounts, brings the world’s most valuable companies closer to retail investors with limited capital. The Fractional Units option makes Olymp Trade stand out among many stock market platforms for beginners.

Use the new feature to understand how online stock trading works and add new types of assets to your portfolio.

To benefit from this upcoming opportunity, create an account on the Olymp Trade platform.