OmRx – a Healthcare Ecosystem Making Waves Among Doctors in Non-Metros

Business Wire India 

  • Enhances revenues and productivity for Doctors, Labs, Hospitals and Alternative/Allied health practitioners.
  • Wins UI/UX design Silver Award at 2022 Marketers Excellence Awards.

OmRx, the flagship application suite from Teakshed AI Pvt. Ltd., is making waves amongst healthcare practitioners in emerging India and leading the transformation in patient health data management. In 14 months, it has helped 1000s of verified practitioners across India to manage the health data of more than 1 lakh patients. 
Unsurprisingly, the OmRxDoc, a mobile app for doctors won a Silver Award in the 2022 Marketers Excellence Awards in the User Experience (UX) design category. The OmRx ecosystem connects health practitioners, labs and patients to collaborate on health data.
With the OmRx (Online Medical Records eXchange) ecosystem, Allopathy, AYUSH and Allied health practitioners can easily manage patient data and share it instantly with service providers, e.g., diagnostic Labs and Hospitals. The growth spree continues with constant additions to the Daily Active Users (DAU), growing at more than 30% M-O-M. The company focuses on serving health practitioners in emerging Indian cities; however, it is noteworthy that the applications are downloaded in 15 other countries (South Asia, Middle East, Far East, Africa and Europe).
Most doctors in emerging markets, including India, handwrite patient prescriptions (Rx) and do not use any software to digitise patient data, either Outpatient or Inpatient Health Data. The digital health records journey is entirely fragmented and leads to poor quality of care as historical information is neither captured appropriately nor accessible. Most providers see 10-12 patients an hour and have no time to type and create detailed EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for every patient. The primary focus is on the main complaint, a quick laser-focused physical exam, and handwritten notes on a paper prescription (Rx).
The OmRxDoc app enables digitisation of paper Rx and is now a centralised, secure patient data store. The busy doctors consulting patients in one or more clinic locations can access patient data in any setting, managed through a simple hand-held smartphone, without requiring additional resources.
Giri Venugopal, Co-Founder of Teakshed AI, says, “Good health is a need of every individual. Our simple goal is to ensure every practitioner in both urban and rural, can access their patient health data anywhere, anytime, to improve care continuity. Technology can enable this goal by eliminating impediments like infrastructure, location, cost, compliance, access, etc. Essentially, Teakshed AI is pursuing a doctor-centric healthcare transformation in a bottom-up process for immediate impact to practitioners and healthcare service providers that eventually benefit patients.”
OmRx app suite is tailored to each participant in the ecosystem.

  1. Upload, access and collaborate on patient health data via a smartphone, anywhere, anytime.
  2. A health repository for every patient to stay permanently connected with their doctors.
  3. A telemedicine platform for primary consultation, follow-ups or second opinions.
  4. A collaboration service for doctors and healthcare providers to update patient progress.
  5. For better patient and practice management, Doctors can access analytics and dashboards with the transactions generated at their practice.