Online Skill-Based Ludo Money Games to Watch out for in 2024

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Some games that have captured the hearts of gamers in India, among the plethora of options available, are the online skill-based Ludo games: Ludo Supreme; Ludo Supreme League; and Ludo Turbo.
Ludo Supreme: Time-Based Multiplayer Game

Ludo Supreme is a popular skill-based time-bound online multiplayer adaptation of the classic Ludo game. Offering simplicity and the option to play for free or with real money, this game introduces a unique twist. Unlike traditional Ludo, players can initiate token movement without waiting for a 6 on the dice. The challenge lies in skillfully navigating tokens safely across the virtual board, avoiding the opponent’s pieces to accumulate points. With a gameplay duration of less than 10 minutes, the objective is to outscore opponents within the allotted time with strategic moves that help you win. Ludo Download
Ludo Supreme League: Online Tournament Mode

Ludo Supreme League introduces a thrilling multiplayer-player ludo tournament format. In this innovative setup, players engage in head-to-head battles to achieve the highest scores and ascend the leaderboard. The ultimate prize? Real cash winnings for the winners. This unique format invites Ludo enthusiasts to showcase their skills against various opponents, proving their mastery of the game they adore while aiming for victory.
Ludo Turbo: Move-Based Multiplayer Game

Play high-speed skill-based Ludo with Ludo Turbo by choosing from formats like 1 vs. 1 or multiple winners. Decide on free or paid games and start the game without rolling a 6, ensuring quick movement as all tokens are exposed. Earn points for each strategic move, with bonus points for tokens reaching “home”. The player with the most points wins.
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