Pernod Ricard India’s First Luxury Indian Single Malt Longitude 77 Goes Global With Launch in Dubai

Business Wire India
Following a remarkable India launch in December 2023, Longitude 77, the luxury Indian single malt from the House of Pernod Ricard India launched in Dubai yesterday. Taking the best of Indian craftsmanship to the world, the brand officially announced the expansion of its footprint in a splendid evening showcasing the brand philosophy of an India Reimagined through the lens of a fashion showcase featuring globally renowned Indian designers. Tailored exclusively for connoisseurs of authentic contemporary Indian luxury, the evening embodied Longitude 77’s vision to represent India’s rich culture, historical craftsmanship, unique terroir and its enchanting spirit. It was symbolic of the line that runs through the heart and soul of India, the line that gives the brand its name.
Amidst the luxurious setting of Palazzo Versace Dubai, the evening ushered guests into the captivating journey of Longitude 77. A mesmerizing fashion showcase unfolded, seamlessly embodying the brand’s essence of ‘India Reimagined’. With the charismatic Kubbra Sait as the narrator, the showcase took the audience on a journey through some of India’s finest experiences, from the North to the South. The fashion showcase was curated by Ashish Soni, a prolific designer himself, with other renowned designers like JJ Valaya, Varun Bahl, Rajesh Pratap Singh and Shantanu & Nikhil, who are not only known for their art and craftsmanship but have also put Indian fashion on the world map. Together with eminent personalities from different walks of life – Zaheer Khan, Sagarika Ghatge, Kanika Kapoor, Ujjwala Raut, and Deana Uppal – who represent the contemporary spirit of India, the evening put the spotlight on the longitude of India. Contemporary Indian chef Prateek Sadhu curated a unique culinary experience using fine ingredients from across India.
The name, Longitude 77, is inspired by the line of longitude that passes through the length of India at 77° East – symbolic of India’s position on the world map. The brand ethos is intrinsically woven with the heritage of India and Pernod Ricard India’s steadfast dedication to innovation and investment in products made in India. It reimagines the legacy of Indian luxury by inspiring discerning consumers to discover and establish a deep and individualistic bond with the country’s heritage. The single malt also addresses the increasing demand for premium and homegrown Indian spirits.
Produced in small batches, Longitude 77 brings together locally sourced ingredients and the craftsmanship of Pernod Ricard’s master distiller to create a superior taste of luxury. Double matured, mellowed and knitted to perfection in American Bourbon barrels and wine casks, the single malt is then extra aged in the cool, dry climate of Dindori Nashik in the Sahyadri Range. It has a natural, mahogany colour – a true testament to its ageing process. Its flavour profile is exquisitely smooth, full-bodied and balanced, with hints of caramel, vanilla and a faint peat smoke that offers depth and complexity in every sip.
The bottle comes in an Indigo coloured matte finish box, the colour that India gave to the world. Both the box and the bottle feature a stamp depicting the map of India with the Longitude 77° passing through from the north to the south, a symbol that commemorates the best of India. The brand manifesto alludes to snow bound lairs, mountain waters, colours of the desert and fields of gold, encapsulating the iridescent essence of the country.

Also present at the grand launch in Dubai were Jean Touboul, CEO, Pernod Ricard India and Pierre-Aymeric Du Cray, Managing Director, Pernod Ricard Gulf, who spoke about the vision of Longitude 77. To elevate the brand experience and raise a toast to the enchanting spirit of India, Zoran, a renowned whisky connoisseur conducted a mini masterclass for the guests, showing them how to truly appreciate and savor the liquid for a memorable experience.

Jean Touboul, CEO, Pernod Ricard India expressed, “The conception of Longitude 77 is backed by Pernod Ricard India’s 30 years of know-how and experience in crafting quality liquids. Steadfast in our dedication to propel India’s presence in the luxury sector, we are taking Pernod Ricard India’s first Indian single malt, Longitude77, to the global platform with a grand launch in Dubai. This is a milestone moment in the company’s journey in India so far. It is a celebration of the nation’s enchanting spirit and rich craftsmanship on a global stage.”
Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India, said, “The launch of our Indian single malt, Longitude 77 in Dubai is a proud moment for Pernod Ricard India. It is a testament to the growing popularity of Indian single malts across borders, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this shift. It is a moment of celebration for the Indian single malt industry at large. Our global expansion plans are set in motion and Dubai is a significant first step for us. Dubai stands as a beacon of luxury, blending cultural heritage with a forward-thinking spirit. We are confident that Longitude 77 will be appreciated by seekers of authentic contemporary luxury in Dubai as well.”
Pierre-Aymeric Du Cray, Managing Director, Pernod Ricard Gulf, said, “As part of the global expansion strategy for Pernod Ricard India’s first-ever Indian single malt Longitude 77, Dubai stands out as a key market. Popular for its modern luxury scene and attracting affluent individuals from around the world, Dubai is the ideal destination for a premium Indian single malt that appeals to seekers of authentic contemporary luxury. I am sure that discerning consumers in the Gulf will admire the product and commend the values the brand brings with it.”

Fashion Designer Ashish Soni said “India’s rich cultural heritage and repertoire need no introduction. Be it fashion or gastronomy, we offer the best of unique luxury experiences to the world. It is wonderful to see Pernod Ricard India carry forward this legacy and present the proud homegrown single malt, Longitude 77 to seekers of contemporary Indian luxury in Dubai and beyond. And what better way to complement the extraordinary launch in Dubai than with a fashion showcase featuring some of our country’s top designers who reinforce the idea of ‘India reimagined’.”
Designer JJ Valaya said, “As a couturier who draws heavily from India’s rich artistic heritage, it’s exciting to be here for the global launch of Longitude 77 and present a fashion showcase of ‘India Reimagined’. It’s a unique experience for connoisseurs of authentic contemporary Indian luxury.”

Designer Varun Bahl said, “I believe in pushing boundaries, weaving new stories, and challenging the status quo, much like Longitude 77. It is taking Indian craftsmanship to the global stage and setting new standards for Indian luxury.”

Designers Shantanu & Nikhil expressed, “Inspired by Longitude 77’s philosophy of reimagining Indian heritage, we showcased a collection that is modern yet rooted in tradition. It is symbolic of contemporary Indian luxury, just like Longitude 77.”

Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh said, “Longitude 77 has put together a remarkable launch event in Dubai. It is everything that authentic Indian luxury stands for. I am happy to collaborate with the brand and echo its vision of showcasing the vibrant and dynamic spirit of India through my designs.”

Cricketer Zaheer Khan said, “As a sportsperson, there is nothing that I love more than representing the spirit of India on the global stage. It is what this evening in Dubai is all about – a celebration of our country’s rich heritage and culture by Longitude 77. I am happy to be here for a brand that is shining light on the beauty of authentic Indian experiences.”

Actor Sagarika Ghatge expressed, “I congratulate Longitude 77 as it embarks on this journey of taking India’s finest offerings to the global audience. As an artist and a fashion enthusiast, it is beautiful to see the best of Indian experiences come to life here in Dubai tonight.”

Actor Kubbra Sait expressed, As somebody who’s lived in both India and Dubai, I’m incredibly happy to be here for the launch of India’s finest Indian single malt, Longitude 77, in the emirate. I am all for a brand that puts India’s authentic contemporary Indian luxury on the world map. True to its name inspired by the line of longitude that passes through the length of India, Longitude77 is doing just that and more.”

Singer Kanika Kapoor said, “It is a pleasure to be here in Dubai and celebrate the launch of Longitude 77 with the best of fashion, music and food. I am inspired by how the brand is taking the essence of India’s rich cultural diversity to a global audience. I try to do the same with my music.”

Chef Prateek Sadhu said, “Much like the innovative spirit driving India’s modern food scene, Longitude 77 presents a fresh perspective on contemporary Indian luxury. It’s an honour to be a part of this journey and curate a reimagined luxury Indian experience for guests in Dubai.”

Model Ujjwala Raut said, “I am glad to be associated with a brand such as Longitude 77 that is putting India on the world map and paving the way for a new era of authentic Indian luxury and style. Be it fashion or any other industry, I personally love to see our country make waves internationally.”

Model and Philanthropist Deana Uppal said, “I am excited to collaborate with Longitude 77 and share a global stage with some of India’s most talented people, as we showcase the beauty of Indian craftsmanship to the world. It’s an honor to associate with a brand that not only embraces tradition but also sets new standards of luxury and style.”

The launch event concluded on a high note with a special Longitude 77 sipping experience featuring the best of Indian ingredients that have been granted GI tags for their uniqueness.

Longitude 77, now available in Dubai, India and Delhi Duty Free, is set to expand its presence globally and is aimed at providing a premium convivial experience while establishing a new benchmark for whisky drinkers all over the world.