Pheal Empowers Physical Therapists with a New-Age App Backed by INR 2.25 Crores Seed Funding

Business Wire IndiaPheal is a smartphone app that offers innovative physical therapy tools care to physiotherapists while simultaneously improving patient care. Its unique selling points have made this health-tech platform draw a much-needed niche in the practice of physical therapy.

Since going live at clinics in July, Pheal, an acronym for ‘physical therapy healing’, has achieved its founders’ goal of organizing the physiotherapy market by aiding physiotherapists in their work. Mr. Surya Agarwal who had experienced difficulties with rehabilitation following injuries sustained while snowboarding, founded Pompey Health Tech in December 2021 after determining capital contributions and valuations. Joining him as an advisor was physical therapist Dr. Hemakshi Basu and two external investors. Ms. Namita Ambani, who has a decade-long experience in incubation and building businesses, joined Pheal as a co-founder in June 2022, putting her previous experience in physiotherapy, organic food, and fashion retail to use.

Two external investors, MIPL (Maheshwari Investors Private Limited), a US $100 million plus private fund based in Mumbai, and Mr. Pratik Agarwal, another fitness industry veteran, have participated in the initial funding of approximately INR 2.25 crores to launch Pheal and an improved healthcare system and physiotherapy practice.

Pheal’s digital exercise prescriptions, personalization, secure uploading of user-generated content, and monitoring and improved adherence are all parts of its approach toward simplifying the life of physiotherapists. The app’s many capabilities are already being used regularly and advantageously by over a hundred physical therapists for a sizeable percentage of their patients. Pheal’s goal is to change the world by spreading the word about the efficacy of physiotherapy in the treatment of pain caused by a wide variety of conditions and injuries.

Speaking on its official launch, Founder, Mr. Surya Agarwal said, “Pheal is one of the few unique physiotherapy-focused applications developed in India. For most health-tech apps, digitization means providing users with access to online consultations, but this is not where our primary concentration lies. Pheal uses a method that streamlines or eliminates mundane tasks so that physical therapists can focus on what they do best in treating patients.”

Co-founder, Ms. Namita Ambani said, “The team behind Pheal hopes to spread the message that “You can Be More” using the app. When you have more time to devote to your work, whether it’s at a clinic, as a freelancer, or at a hospital, you’ll see greater results. We’ve always known that physiotherapists have a significant impact on people’s lives, whether they’re leading an active, sedentary, or post-surgical routine, and this is our chance to give them the recognition and appreciation they deserve.”