Premium Car Care Segment Gets Its Own Jewel in the Crown with Autocrest

Business Wire IndiaNecessity they say is the mother of invention. So when the serial entrepreneur and ad honcho Pulak Chakraborty began experiencing the pain of maintaining his bevy of premium cars in NCR he thought ‘enough is enough’ and got down to doing what most entrepreneurs do: take matters in his own hands. This led him to foray into this segment to take the pain out of premium car owners who love and celebrate their automobiles – Audi, Mercedes, BMW. 
His newest venture Autocrest has acquired GIST Global- a state-of-the-art workshop started by an Australian NRE Automobile Engineer and Trainer -Siddharth Kapur. Siddharth will continue his journey under the new umbrella to accomplish his mission of building a world-class workforce in this field.
Talking about his new venture Pulak says, “I have never felt completely satisfied with either the OEM Workshops or with the so called roadside experts. OEM workshops deliver quality but overcharge without any transparency. Roadside experts are even worse. Neither do they have the required training, tools and equipment nor they are transparent. People who love their cars feel short-changed.” This is what led to a new model driven by tech with complete honesty, transparency and competency. “When I met Siddharth I found a super expert in this field and the rest was easy,” says Pulak Chakraborty, Director and Owner of brand – Autocrest.
Autocrest seeks to bring about a paradigm shift in the premium car care segment based on customer centricity. It focuses on bringing total transparency to create complete peace of mind. Everything is open to the customers with a complete record management system to ensure proper tracking and guarantee a greater resale value of cars. Autocrest springs no surprises, or causes heartburns. Being value driven they recommend the most cost effective solutions with accountability. 
Furthermore, Autocrest offers all the solutions that car owners need under one roof. Be it Repairs or routine Service, Detailing or Bodyshop work, Doorstep sales and service of Tyres, Lubes or other consumables to helping owners to buy and sell their Cars with accountability – happens under the tutelage of experts and professionals from the industry.
Sellers, for example, can now get a Certificate on the health of their car to give confidence to the buyers. Similarly, buyers can get their shortlisted cars certified at Autocrest. Any car certified by Autocrest carries a warranty of 6 months.

Siddharth and his team lead the technical part of Autocrest.

Siddharth got educated & trained in the UK and worked in Australia for over 25 years. He was training the trainers there for the Govt of Australia. He returned to India to impart his wealth of knowledge to bring international standards to this Ustad-chela ecosystem. 
When it comes to tools and equipment, Autocrest has best-in-class tools and equipment. From 3 posts Hofmann lifts to Blue Point Toolboxes to Hofmann Tyre Changers Balancer and Aligner. No compromise here. Compare this with any OEM workshops and you will discover they are many notches higher.
Compare this with the mechanic down the road and he is no match. Paying 500% premium for a wrench or the safety of a high-quality lift is something they will never understand for they are not quality conscious. Autocrest has also invested in the water treatment plant to ensure that the environment does not get polluted.

Autocrest also believes that Quality begets quality when it comes to consumables. Again there is no compromise here. Autocrest believes in the quality of the German brand – Wuerth, a 70-year-old brand operating in 80 countries. Each and every consumable is of high quality and comes at a very reasonable price. There are no inferior products used here, not even the cleaning cloth.
Transparency is the cornerstone of Autocrest. Nothing is hidden. There are 33 cameras covering every inch everyday that stores data for 20 days. Customers are free to review in case of any doubt. Moreover, customers can also be provided on-demand real time viewing of any bay. Autocrest has a philosophy that it exists for its customers, which is why it always delivers the best with complete transparency and charges only for its skills.
Coming back to its origins, Autocrest was established with a two-fold objective.

The first was to bring about a paradigm shift in the repair and maintenance of high-end cars through complete honesty and transparency.
Secondly, it was to create a band of trained engineers to offer better service to every corner in this country. The skill and knowledge of our automobile engineers should come in handy to car lovers. Skill building will be a key focus area for us.
“Wealth creation was never the motive or the reason for setting up Autocrest,” opines Pulak. A firm believer of simple living, Pulak was very impressed with the
interest Siddharth has in developing skills and imparting knowledge.
Together they felt that Autocrest would enable them to give something back to society.
Pulak further adds, “I feel this is beyond building another venture. I would sincerely request everyone to support us to make this big. You trust us by sending your cars to our workshop, we help the youth from underprivileged sections to find their calling card with pride.”