QpiVolta Announces India’s First Indigenous High Energy Density Lithium Metal Based SSB Pouch Cell

Business Wire India
QpiVolta which is a subsidiary of Qpi Technology announced India’s first high energy density Lithium metal based Solid State Battery pouch cell.

Dr Nagendra Nagaraja Co-founder and CEO of QpiVolta suggested, “In 2021 we announced that we will use Quantum and AI material simulation to come up with solid state batteries which are superior in energy density and safe. We have achieved it now at the prototype level, by having first pouch cell of Lithium metal SSB from India. This is first step in building 10 Gwh Giga factory for 2-wheeler, 4-wheeler production capacity and utility level energy storage. Next step will be replicating this with different chemistries including Sodium metal based SSBs. EV market is ripe for adopting SSBs in large scale as we stabilize the battery cells and higher layers of 32 layers with 100Ah from current 8 layer prototype which is 3 Ah. We are open to test this battery cell and battery packs. We used Quantum algorithms and AI to optimize our batteries in record time.”
Further Aswanth Krishnan Co-founder and Director of QpiVolta suggested, “We have achieved energy density of 360 Wh/kg in our NMC based cell and 220 Wh/kg in our cobalt free LFP cells. This is a significant increase in energy density (~60 %) compared to the li-ion cells that are available in the market today. We have a roadmap to double the energy density by further optimisation of our cells. Apart from the performance, our solid electrolytes are designed to be compatible with existing mass production lines with minor modifications, which is very important for us as we scale up this technology.”
                                            Figure 3 Performance Figure of QpiVolta SSB

Chemistry QpiVolta Battery Current Li-ion Battery
NMC  360 Wh/kg 240 Wh/kg
LFP 220 Wh/kg 120 Wh/kg

Dr Nagendra Nagaraja Co-founder and CEO of QpiVolta suggested, “As a next step we will be setting up pilot line to support 20 cells per day to begin PoCs with 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler and UAV customers. Following interest from customers and production orders, we would setup an initial Giga factory with 10 Gwh per year capacity in outskirts of Bangalore. We have roadmap to make this Giga factory facility an export hub for SSBs from Bangalore and supply local EV manufacturers as well.”
Please contact [email protected] and visit https://qpivolta.tech/ for further information and collaborations.