Radico Khaitan Creates Magic Moments with Har Lamha Featuring Power Musical Duo Meet Bros

Business Wire India
Step into the melodic embrace of the new year with Radico Khaitan’s Magic Moments Music Studio’s latest offering, ‘Har Lamha,’ masterfully created by the iconic Meet Bros.

Celebrated for their dynamic and colorful compositions, the Meet Bros have outdone themselves with ‘Har Lamha.’ This track stands as a vibrant celebration of life, blending Kumaar’s beautifully penned lyrics with the diverse vocal talents of Meet Bros and Sukriti-Prakriti Kakar, further enhanced by the visual artistry of actor Sakshi Malik.

Released on January 20th, 2024, under the ‘MB Music’ label, ‘Har Lamha’ is set to enchant listeners across various digital and music streaming platforms.

Amar Sinha, Chief Operating Officer at Radico Khaitan Ltd, expresses his enthusiasm for the song’s debut, highlighting the company’s dedication to fostering meaningful collaborations within the music industry. He remarks, “In line with our rich history of partnerships within the industry, we are thrilled to present ‘Har Lamha’ from the Magic Moments Music Studio, a hub for promoting original and independent music. Amidst a multitude of mainstream releases, this track stands out as a testament to our commitment to the universal power of music.”

Sinha further adds, “The Meet Bros, known for their widespread appeal, have fueled ‘Har Lamha’ with a unique flair in both its melody and lyrics, crafting a delightful experience that is sure to be memorable. This track is poised to make a significant impact and become a sure shot part of your 2024 playlist.”

Discussing the song, Harmeet and Manmeet from Meet Bros shared their insights. “The music video for ‘Har Lamha’ is designed to be dreamy and captivating, offering a visually and emotionally joyous experience,” said Harmeet. Manmeet added, “The song’s lively spirit is in perfect harmony with the vibrant energy of the new year, making it an ideal musical gift to our listeners as we step into 2024.”

Furthermore, the brand has garnered acclaim for its innovative product placements in blockbuster Bollywood tracks, such as ‘Taarifan’ from ‘Veere di Wedding,’ ‘Vodka laga ke tere naal nachna’ in ‘Nawabzaade,’ and the more recent ‘Hum Aaye Hain’ from ‘Ganapath’, featuring Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon. This strategic incorporation of products into popular songs has significantly elevated the brand’s visibility and appeal within the dynamic Bollywood industry. This is the first time in the Alchobev marketing landscapce that a brand has come up with a standalone music video.

‘Har Lamha’ is more than just a song; it’s a journey through a tapestry of emotions and upbeat rhythms, ready to capture hearts and resonate with audiences everywhere.

Catch the song here: