Royal Sundaram Launches #Don’tBeAClown Campaign to Raise Awareness About the Importance of Insurance

Business Wire India
Royal Sundaram, a general insurance company in India, launched a new campaign on April Fool’s Day called ‘#Don’tBeAClown’ to promote the importance of general insurance. The campaign encourages individuals to protect themselves and their assets by getting insured, highlighting the need for various types of insurance such as Health, Bike, Car, Travel, Home, and Personal Accident. The campaign aims to educate the public about the risks associated with not having adequate insurance coverage and emphasizes the importance of responsible behaviour and safety precautions.
Mr. Gaurang Thosani, Head Digital Marketing and e-Sales at Royal Sundaram, commented, “Our aim with the ‘#Don’tBeAClown’ campaign is to simplify insurance and help people understand the importance of having adequate insurance coverage. We want to make insurance easy to buy and accessible for everyone, and these unique messages for each type of insurance will help us create awareness.”
The ‘#Don’tBeAClown’ campaign features unique messages for each type of insurance, including “A little sparkle on your hand may create an explosion on your hospital bills. #DontBeAClown.” “It isn’t a circus act, it’s a bike. #DontBeAClown” for bike insurance, “Reel life stunts are dangerous in real life. #DontBeAClown” for car insurance, and “Missing your flight is no laughing matter, even for a clown! #Don’tBeAClown” for travel insurance.
Royal Sundaram hopes that this campaign will raise awareness about the importance of general insurance and encourage responsible choices among individuals. To learn more about Royal Sundaram’s general insurance products, visit their website at