Sarvodayi Warrior – Shri Kishan Goradia Passed Away Convenor of Sadbhavna Sangh and Chairman of Dosti Realty

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The World Inspiration and Trusteeship, global thinkers, Nagar Raj bill for decentralization, platform of constantly working, fair, independent, fearless social spirit thinkers – Convenor of Sadbhavana Sangh, Chairman of the prestigious Dosti Realty in the homebuilding sector Shri Kishan Goradia passed away on Tuesday, April 06, 2021, at 2:15 AM. He is followed by his wife Rasika Goradia, son Deepak, Daughter-in-law Sejal, grandson Anuj, granddaughter Shraddha, daughter Sadhana, son-in-law Naimish Shah, granddaughters Ami and Bansi, grandson-in-law Arth and Charlie, and great-granddaughters/son Asha, Ahana, Dillon.
Kishan Goradia was born in a middle-class family in Mahua, Gujarat. After the death of his mother and father, he took responsibility for his three brothers and three sisters, completed his education, and also did a teacher’s job in Mumbai. He had a special interest in the field of education. He had a desire to become a professor by being a postgraduate. He learned different technical fields like typing and shorthand. After doing such different jobs, he turned to the home building business and laid the foundation of Dosti Realty. After 60 years of working tirelessly, he handed over this business to his son Mr. Deepak Goradia who is now the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Dosti Realty. Dosti Acres at New Wadala was the first large-scale project done by his son Mr. Deepak Goradia.
Kishan Goradia also created an organization called Dosti Trust and in the name of Mulund Lok Samiti, the campaign of election cartoon exhibition to awaken the voters across the country, which he started from the Emergency period of 1975 and continued till today. Later Kishan Goradia got associated full time with the work of Sarvodaya. He experimented with organic farming in the Dahanu, Talasari campus of Thane district, on the one hand, inspired by the home building business and the village development imagination. With Sarva Seva Sangh, Convenor of Sadbhavna Sangh, Maharashtra Sarvodaya Mandal, Nashabandi Mandal, Dosti Friendship Center he established his identity by working in various positions. During natural disasters like the cyclones of Odisha, Bhuj Gujarat, and Maharashtra, the Kilhari earthquake in Latur, resettlement of emergencies in a flood of Mumbai, etc, he actively aided in the rescue processes. He also was striving towards creating a system to financially support full-time workers
With the thinking of Gandhiji’s trusteeship, his philosophy was that “we are not owners of our body, but we are the Trustees of it” – Truth, goodwill, awakening, cosmopolitanism were the values he upheld. With his passing, he left behind a large family, social workers, and business people in Mumbai, Maharashtra, across the country, and even abroad. His ‘Think Global Act Local’ experiment was always a guiding force. Health was his favourite subject; till the end, he took care of himself and the health of his family and colleagues working with him.
Through ‘Sadbhavana Sangh’ he advocated and carried out activities relating to decentralization, trusteeship, alert citizen mobilization, Acharyakul, Sustainable Organic Farming, and Social Workers Training, Senior Citizen Care through a Collective Working leadership style. He would always say “We have to walk in the direction of Sangham Sharanam Gachhami.” He will always be with us in all these works, this will be a tribute to him.

Varsha Vidya Vilas of Sadbhavana Sangh gave this information.