Simplilearn Extends Learning Hub to Its Commercial Customers, Revolutionizes Corporate Training With Unlimited Access to In-Demand Digital Skills Programs

Business Wire India 

  • Simplilearn’s Learning Hub builds on its success with Fortune 500 companies, extending its proven digital skills training to a subscription model.
  • With over 400 courses, hands-on labs and over 1500 live classes and assessments, the Learning Library provides a dynamic solution, meeting diverse digital skills needs in today’s fast-paced market.
  • Two new models, Simplilearn Learning Hub (SLH) and Simplilearn Learning Hub Plus (SLH+), offer organizations flexibility from on-demand content to an immersive experience with public live classes and hands-on labs, empowering workforce development in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Simplilearn, the globally acclaimed online bootcamp for digital economy skills training, has witnessed remarkable revenue growth of 50 percent YoY and an impact in the upskilling domain in FY 23. Building on the success of previous years, where the company witnessed a staggering 55% surge in B2B enrollments and set an ambitious target of achieving $100 million B2B SaaS revenue by 2027, Simplilearn unveils its latest milestone: the Simplilearn Learning Hub (SLH) designed specifically for the commercial market. This launch responds to the burgeoning demand within the B2B sector for a comprehensive AI & digital skills library enriched with immersive components like projects, live classes, labs, and assessments, ensuring a seamlessly integrated learning journey.

Amidst the ever-evolving technology landscape, organizations are turning to Simplilearn as their ultimate partner for workforce development. The platform continues to empower learners with unlimited access to over 1500 live classes monthly and 400+ on-demand courses, spanning diverse skill domains such as AI, data, cloud, DevOps, and cybersecurity. Simplilearn remains at the forefront of delivering relevant and practical education, driving tangible results for professionals and enterprises alike.

The Simplilearn Learning Hub introduces a subscription-based model unlocking limitless access to Simplilearn’s extensive learning modules across AI & ML, data science and other digital skills, perfectly attuned to today’s B2B market preferences. The hub offers two distinct plans:

  1. Simplilearn Learning Hub (SLH): On-demand content (400+ courses) + Hands-on labs
  2. Simplilearn Learning Hub Plus (SLH+): Live classes all-access pass (1500+ classes monthly) + On-demand content (400+ courses) + Hands-on labs

Setting a new standard in corporate learning, SLH goes beyond conventional offerings by providing additional services such as a branded Learning Management System (LMS), dedicated customer success support, labs, projects, and integration capabilities—features highly coveted in the market. Simplilearn Learning Hub is poised to revolutionize B2B learning, delivering unparalleled value by enabling continuous learning across key digital domains, flexibility to organizations seeking comprehensive and effective training solutions, high-impact instructor-led classes and real-time industry-relevant projects.

Acknowledged by Fortune 500 companies, including Dell, HP, Vodafone, and BCG, Simplilearn’s highly engaging learning model remains pivotal for re-skilling and upskilling initiatives.

Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO of Simplilearn, expresses his enthusiasm for the platform’s evolution, stating, “Simplilearn continues to evolve alongside the dynamic needs of the digital economy. Our dedication to providing quality education remains unwavering, and our strategic partnership with businesses to address the skills gap is a mission we pursue together. In 2024, we eagerly anticipate empowering more learners and organizations with the skills needed to thrive in the digital era.”

As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of digital skills, Simplilearn plays an instrumental role as a partner in their journey toward upskilling and staying competitive in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.