TAGTHAi Joins Forces at Ratchaprasong by Receiving Privileges From Partners, Further Developing the Power of Faith Tourism, Attracting Worldwide Tourists to Enhance Luck for Chinese New Year 2024

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TAGTHAi, Thailand’s Official Travel Platform, joins forces with Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association (RSTA) to welcome Thai and foreign tourists during Chinese New Year Festival 2024, who come to worship “8 Shrines Landmark” to enhance luck for the Year of Dragon to stimulate tourism in Ratchaprasong area. Enjoy many benefits from TAGTHAi partners in the activity A RALLY TO PROSPERITY @RATCHAPRASONG DISTRICT. The event will be held from February 12 to April 30, 2024.


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Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association (RSTA) by Mr. Chai Srivikorn, RSTA President, estimated the foreign tourist market’s growth in 2024 to be continuously good. From the overview of 2023, Ratchaprasong District had tourist arrivals throughout the year, service users on Ratchaprasong Walk (R Walk) by 90,000-100,000 persons per day and obviously average hotel occupancy of 90-100% at the end of last year considered a Preferred Destination of tourists from around the world. This joining of forces with TAGTHAi as Thailand’s Official Travel Platform is another way to help stimulate tourism, support tourism business operators in Ratchaprasong District to have the opportunity to welcome more tourists. “Ratchaprasong District” is considered a destination for tourists, which meets all the needs, including Eat-Pray-Stay-Shop.


Mrs. Thiratida Kuvantharai, Chief Executive Officer of Thai Digital Platform Social Enterprise Co., Ltd., said as follows, “This year, Thai tourism has continuously recovered positively. Tourists love to travel individually and look for the solution that makes their travelling easier, comfortable and worthwhile. TAGTHAi City Pass meets all the needs. As a result, the total number of TAGTHAi downloads has now grown to more than 1 million. TAGTHAi clearly aims to be “Super Aggregator Platform for travelers.” When thinking about traveling to Thailand, they will think of TAGTHAi and use TAGTHAi as an aid throughout the trip.”


For this joining of forces, TAGTHAi and Ratchaprasong Area Enterprise Association also have key partners, namely AIS, led by Mrs. Benjaporn Kamphet, Head of Special Segment & Prepaid Unit and TRUE, led by Ms. Chatchanun Wiwattanavarang, Vice President – Head of Migrant & Tourist Department to jointly offer benefits to tourists for joining in the fun with the activity A RALLY TO PROSPERITY by simply scanning the QR “8 Shrines of RATCHAPRASONG” following the auspicious route, paying homage to all 8 shrines, posting messages with photos or video clips on social media, typing the hashtag #TAGTHAi, checking in at Ratchaprasong and setting to be public, showing the posts to staff at Concierge Counter at Gaysorn Centre, 2nd floor and Gaysorn Amarin, 2nd floor to get TAGTHAi Goodie bag, along with gifts from partners such as Thai herbal inhalers from RSTA, elephant patterned, woven Thai cloth bags from AIS, foldable portable bags from TRUE, totaling the value of over 300 baht. Click the link to see activity details https://www.tagthai.com/content/p/8-shrines-of-ratchaprasong


In addition to 8 Shrines Landmark in Ratchaprasong Area and A RALLY TO PROSPERITY activity to join in the fun, many benefits from shops, restaurants, spas in Ratchaprasong District are also included in TAGTHAi BANGKOK PASS and TAGTHAi BANGKOK PREMIUM PASS. Download TAGTHAi Application. Click here https://tagthai-pass.onelink.me/NlKu/8vkq5vl5