Takti Hai Raahein by Sheetal Gupta is the most relatable song out there during this pandemic

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‘Takti Hai Raahein’ is the song that you need to hear right now.

Sheetal Gupta is back with her new song ‘Takti Hai Raahein’. Time and again people come across that one special song that just perfectly articulates what they are feeling. Something that people can’t describe but only feel. This new track by Sheetal is perhaps that magical number that pinpoints what many have been experiencing in this pandemic. 

‘Takti Hai Raahein’ is a soul stirring song, written, composed and sung by Sheetal Gupta and released by ErosNow Music. It is based on raag yaman, complemented with elements of classical music that stays in one’s mind long after the song has been heard. What makes this song even more special is the beautiful idea behind it. Sheetal came up with the concept of doing something around the emotions one feels when their loved ones are working away from their families during the pandemic. Each one of us must have experienced this during the lockdowns, when someone loved has had to go out for work. What’s unique about the music video, is that Sheetal has turned the tables and shown it from a male’s perspective. A Kathak dancer, eagerly awaiting his partner who is a doctor, away on duty. It is a humble ode to the selfless service that the frontline workers have been doing for humankind.
“This song is very close to my heart. It is my tribute to them for their selfless service to us all. A soulful song, dedicated to all the frontline workers and their loved ones.”
– Sheetal Gupta
The beauty of ‘Takti Hai Raahein’ lies in its simplicity. The apt choice and usage of instruments back the lyrics and bring out the message. Together they touch all the right chords, and leave one feeling strong emotions.
After hits like Kadi Hoon Karke, O Jiya, Jeet Kar Dikhana Hai; Sheetal’s new single gives the inspiration that all need during this pandemic. Over the last few years, she has had many songs to her credit which include albums, singles and also playback songs for films. Her powerful vocals and energetic performances make her stand out as an artist. And her musical journey is an inspiration to all working women who want to pursue their passion.
“I believe there’s no deadline to follow your heart. I moved to Mumbai after I was 40, before that I was doing shows in different cities. I just want to say this, specially to all the moms out there trying to balance their family and work life, you can do it, just keep at it.”
– Sheetal Gupta
Sheetal has her presence on 70 digital platforms like Gaana, Saavn, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc. She is the recipient of the Human Welfare Foundation Award in the field of music and was felicitated for her work at Confluence 2017. She is also a privileged fellow member of the Screen Writers Association and also a member of ISRA (Indian Singer’s Rights Association).
She believes in touching people’s lives with her music. Her upcoming work include a couple of singles from different music labels and also playback songs for films and web series. Until then, ‘Takti Hai Raahein’ is definitely a song that should be on everyone’s playlists.