Transforming Modern Tech Teams – Yaksha Evolves as an End-to-End Assessments Platform for Skill-Based Hiring and Learning

Business Wire IndiaSuccessful tech teams of today are built on skills; therefore, it becomes very important for organizations to hire and develop tech talent with relevant job-related skills. While the need is very clear, the challenges that still remain are to identify candidates who are hands-on with the skills required and also identify skill gaps in teams to plan for continuous learning. Yaksha efficiently solves these challenges with its end-to-end skill-based assessments.
The job market today demands multiple sets of skills for a single job role. Therefore, the assessments need to evaluate across multiple skills within one assessment, identify skill levels and gaps, and provide accurate results to arrive at better decision making. Yaksha has a solution for all depending on the use-case.
Solving HR challenges:
Yaksha’s advanced assessments platform addresses HR challenges by offering end-to-end skill-based assessments across multiple technologies and IT skills that help organizations screen, interview, and finally hire and onboard freshers and experienced candidates with practical skills, use different assessments for internal job movement/deploying freshers, provide accurate reports for appraisals based on skill levels as well. Organizations can also use Yaksha language-agnostic codathons to hire across multiple roles and technologies from campuses which make the volume hiring process smoother, efficient, and time-saving. Yaksha skill-based assessments can be used to manage all skill-based HR initiatives to build and manage robust tech teams which are future-ready.
L&D and Skilling up with assessments:
Helping L&D professionals precisely identify skill gaps and thereby plan better training programs, generate user-profiles and skill progression, measure returns on learning, and a clear competence framework, Yaksha skill-based assessments form an integral part of the continuous learning initiatives. Designed to be used as stand-alone assessments platform as well as integrated with existing systems, Yaksha can solve the persistent challenges of L&D with ease.
Helping educational institutes make their students job-ready:
While enterprises can benefit vastly from Yaksha, even educational institutes (particularly for tech) can use Yaksha assessments to finetune and prepare their students for the roles the industry demands. Educational institutes can use skill-assessments to identify skill-gaps, use codathons and stackathons to enhance practical skills, and even integrate with curriculum for effective coding exams.
“Propelled by the forced digital revolution, organizations have already re-aligned their hiring and learning processes. By hiring accurately, time of induction and time-to-billability are significantly reduced. Similarly, accurate skill-gap analysis facilitates cost and time-efficient training programs. What makes Yaksha the industry favourite is its ability to holistically address the core challenges and provide customised solutions with optimal resource utilization” remarked Keshava Raju, Founder and CEO, Yaksha about the popularity of Yaksha’s end-to-end assessments.