Trident Tech Lab Supercharges Employee Training and Accelerates Growth With KloudLearn LMS

Business Wire IndiaTrident Tech Lab is well-versed in application development frameworks and databases with experience of more than a decade in building enterprise applications. The company’s mission is to deliver top-notch technology services through responsive technical support, exceptional customer care, and state-of-the-art solutions. Therefore, they need to have the best training platform to carry out this mission.
While searching for a new Learning Management System, Trident Tech Lab had the following goals in mind when it came to developing a new training program and increasing learner engagement:

  • To embed continuous learning into their company culture, ensuring the training is aligned with employees’ everyday roles and responsibilities
  • Deliver high-quality and engaging learning experiences
  • Deploy business-specific training to drive effective knowledge sharing
  • Deliver technical training accessible to all employees within the organization
  • Boost sales effectiveness
  • Meeting compliance requirements

KloudLearn LMS has helped Trident Tech Lab meet all its goals.
Trident Tech lab has seen a lot of growth in recent years. Previously, the organization had no digital learning solution, which led to challenges like decreased productivity, lower employee engagement, and business performance. So when looking for an ideal LMS solution, Trident Tech Lab searched for a platform that could implement an effective learning strategy from day one specific to each employee’s role.
Shivakanth Kundaka Rai, Chairman of Trident Tech Lab says that KloudLearn LMS has given them the ability to deliver personalized and engaging training to their employees to close skill gaps, delight their clients, and accelerate business growth. Moreover, KloudLearn also enabled them to create interactive training courses for their teams, which would otherwise have taken months to develop.
Trident Tech Lab noted that they have also selected KloudLearn as their learning solution because of the gamification (certificates and badging), robust analytics and reporting capabilities, and uninterrupted learning experiences.
KloudLearn LMS will help Trident Tech Lab deliver an impactful learning experience that engages learners and retains their attention. KloudLearn LMS’s learning experience platform equips learners with innovative features to optimize their skills and time. KloudLearn has enabled them to deliver personalized training tailored to each role and team. Moreover, the learning and development team at Trident Tech Lab can pull training reports, including completion rates, learner engagement, or drop-off rates, which made all the difference for them, said Jaspreet Lidder, Marketing Manager, KloudLearn. 
As Trident Tech Lab continues to grow, they remain committed to delivering ongoing training and development, ensuring the competence of their employees.