Ventures like Webpulse IT Park, Ranchi Setup by Rahul Ranjan Singh Can Solve the Unemployment Crisis in India

Business Wire India

Unemployment, quality of jobs and quality of income among the youth of India has remained the biggest challenge. There are numerous job opportunities for the youth in urban areas & metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune but due to the lack of opportunities in smaller cities, millions of youths are forced to migrate to metro cities to struggle to build their career.
Founder of Webpulse Solution Pvt Ltd & Brand Empower Pvt Ltd, New DelhiMr Rahul Ranjan Singh, who himself was a small-town boy, born in Aurangabad, Bihar, brought up in a small town of Jharkhand, Latehar, but now a successful young entrepreneur in Delhi for over a decade, believes that unemployment crisis can be solved if the focus gets shifted towards small towns of India and then India will boom.
To grow a tree, the focus should be on the roots more than the branches of the tree. Similarly, to solve the problem of unemployment, if the focus is shifted towards generating employment opportunities in smaller cities and villages, where expenses of living are much lesser than that of in metropolitan cities.
Rahul says, “He belonged to a middle-class family, and he was observing the living conditions of his family, his colony and the youths in his city and so he left for Delhi right after completing 12th with a fear of spoiling his life in the small town. This is the condition of all the youths of small cities, who know that if they need a better career, a bright future, they must leave for Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore kind of big cities to sharpen their skills. I had to struggle a lot in the beginning, to develop skills and due to determination and hard work I could succeed and I am successfully running Web Development, Digital Marketing and Branding Company in Delhi. But all the youths from smaller cities might not succeed like me due to tough life and high expenses of metro cities.”
Rahul added, “Therefore, I decided to set up a branch office of my company in my own state Jharkhand so that there could be a platform of skill development and job opportunities for the youths of small towns of Bihar & Jharkhand, instead of migrating to Delhi like me. Right after the first lockdown due to the pandemic, when the world knew the idea of working from home, I thought why not open a branch office in Ranchi, Jharkhand and build a team of youth over there. This idea worked and within a year, I shifted the office to a bigger space with a capacity of 200 employees and named the space Webpulse IT Park ”. The idea behind this branch office was to give the job to the skilled youth of Jharkhand and develop the skills of unskilled youths. This idea worked and today, I have a bigger team in Ranchi Branch at Webpulse IT Park than the head office in New Delhi.”
Rahul Ranjan Singh has been trying to motivate other entrepreneurs in metro cities to generate such employment opportunities in smaller cities of India. This will not only make smaller towns prosperous but also stop the increasing population in metro cities which increasing due to the migration of youth from smaller towns.
At Webpulse IT Park in Ranchi, youths from all the cities of Jharkhand are getting job opportunities for the positions of Business Development Executives, Customer Support Executives, Web Developers, Web Designers, SEO Executives, Content Writers etc. More than 50 youths have got jobs and they are working for clients from all over India & the world. Rahul said that plan is to employ 200 youths in the next 6 months. In the world of technology, where work can be done from anywhere, using the internet and electricity, such innovations should be started by more entrepreneurs in smaller towns. More than 50% of successful entrepreneurs in metro cities belong to smaller towns and they should think about improving the lives of youths in their towns.
Rahul Ranjan Singh said that the responsibility of job creation should not be totally put on the shoulders of the state and central government. If one lakh entrepreneurs start a branch in small towns of India by generating 100 jobs in each of the branches, one crore youths can get job in India. Such efforts by the entrepreneurs of India can control the crisis of job employment to a big extent. One crore job will help 1 crore families. A small effort by masses brings big results.