Vinay Singh, Executive Director and CEO of Thomson Digital and Q&I, Recognized as One of the Top 20 Global Indian Leaders 2023

Business Wire India

Vinay Singh, Executive Director and CEO of Thomson Digital and Q&I (, has been distinguished as one of the eminent leaders in the prestigious “Global Indian Leaders 2023” list curated by World Brand Affairs.

Under his stewardship, Thomson Digital evolved into a transformative digital publishing solutions provider. The company’s partnership-centric approach ushered in smart solutions, e-learning, and content development, aligning seamlessly with publishers’ evolving business objectives. Leveraging advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Thomson Digital spearheaded a paradigm shift in smart publishing, revolutionizing the industry’s digital landscape.

Amidst his achievements, Vinay Singh champions Q&I, a pioneering educational initiative under Thomson Digital. Q&I stands as an educational powerhouse, propelled by cutting-edge research and a mission to enhance student performance. Its platform revolutionizes exam preparation, accommodating diverse educational systems from self-preparation to tutoring and school-based learning. The platform’s bedrock rests on assessment-led learning, personalization, and engagement—fundamental pillars that redefine the learning process.

The “Global Indian Leaders 2023” compilation identifies leaders across diverse sectors who stand out globally for their exceptional contributions. These leaders exemplify innovation, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence in their respective industries. Their presence in this esteemed list signifies their remarkable accomplishments and their role in propelling their companies toward unprecedented success.

Vinay Kumar Singh’s visionary leadership, underscores his strategic insights and unparalleled dedication to transforming educational paradigms. His inclusion in the “Global Indian Leaders 2023” list stands as a testament to his exceptional ability to navigate challenges, adapt to dynamic market trends, and consistently deliver groundbreaking results.