Wellcurve: Simplifying Your Journey Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Business Wire India

In the last few years, India has witnessed a major boost in e-commerce start-ups. While the shift towards digitalisation has caused a prominent increase in the number of online shoppers, the need for a dedicated platform that is focused on health and wellness is still a big pain point. Human Beings have a tendency to find a silver lining amidst chaos, the same happened during the recent pandemic. Thanks to the media, health & wellness has gone from nowhere to be found to top three in our priorities list. Realising the necessity for organic, highly nutritious, high-quality healthy products, an expanding platform named Wellcurve has been established to fulfil the fast-growing need for healthier food alternatives. 

As its tagline “Healthier Lifestyle Simplified” specifies, Wellcurve functions with a double-edged fundamental-

  1. A Customer-Centric Approach: Delivering relevant insights for nutritional needs and health-oriented food items from a set of prime brands.

  2. A Brand-Centric Approach: Offers an opportunity to domestic as well as international health & wellness-oriented brands, to connect with the target audience and provide healthier choices to the right consumer.

It is deeply realised and understood by the brilliant minds behind Wellcurve that, “what you eat plays a significant role and is very important at the biological level.”

A Breakdown of Health & Wellness Range at Wellcurve

There are more than 80 brands associated with Wellcurve, broadly segregated into popular categories such as Superfoods, Healthier Snacks, Breakfast, Beverages, Dry Fruits, Seeds & Berries, Grocery, Kid’s Range, Nutritional Supplements, Sugar Substitutes, and Health & Personal Care. 

Some of the domestic brands include Avadata Organics, Sattviko, Vahdam Teas, Adya Organics, Bagrry’s, and Monsoon Harvest. And, some of the international brands include Olitalia, Vicenzi, Toschi, and La Molisana. Most of the products at Wellcurve are devoid of preservatives or any other harmful chemicals.

Apart from brands and categories, Wellcurve allows its customers to select the right products, according to their current health status, goals and ongoing trends. Under this division, products are categorised as Calcium-rich food items, Diabetic healthy food, Gluten-Free food, Low Glycemic Food, Protein-rich Food, etc.

Standalone Features of Wellcurve: Making it a unique platform for the consumer

Amongst many e-commerce giants, what makes Wellcurve a worthy platform? As a wellness & health supplier, Wellcurve is fixated on a consumer-centric approach. A team of professionals is employed to undergo a diligent market study and then pick authentic brands, delivering quality products, to ensure that health and nutrition are never compromised. On the website, each product is curated based on four parameters: ingredients, nutrition, health benefits, and value for money. So far, the website has stocked more than 750 products and over 100 reviews from top nutritionists, dieticians, and other experts.

Secondly, Wellcurve concentrates not just on selling the products but also on educating their customers about the core dependencies concerning nutrition & health- 

  1. What are the benefits of a particular product?

  2. What are the possible side-effects of a product?

  3. Why should one invest in a product?

  4. Why is the said brand the right choice for anyone ?

Besides that, elaborate product-specific blogs, articles, videos, and other interesting contents are uploaded to help the consumer decipher the nutritious food items and not-so-healthy food habits. The website has a separate section named “Wellcurve Wellness Diaries” which narrates real-life stories and instances about how a healthy lifestyle can bring a drastic change in one’s routine.

What’s in the future?

Big plans are on the way for Wellcurve! The website is planning to launch its own label to provide more efficient availability of a wider range of nutritious alternatives.

Wellcurve promises to bring in some more specified filters such as ‘Gluten-Free products’, ‘vegan products’, and allergy specific filters such as ‘peanut allergy’, ‘nuts allergy’, etc. to deliver the absolute best service to its consumers. With such specific categories, customers will be able to filter the products according to their preferences, requirements, and necessities.