Wipro Launches “5G Def-i” Platform to Accelerate the Connected Enterprise

Business Wire IndiaWipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading technology services and consulting company, today announced the launch of its “5G Def-i” platform. The integrated platform – which empowers businesses to seamlessly transform their infrastructure, networks and services – will debut during the MWC Barcelona panel “Realizing the Ambitions of the Connected Enterprise.”
Many organizations have failed to maximize their return on connectivity investments due to the challenge of bringing 5G services close to the enterprise edge. Wipro’s 5G Def-i platform bundles network connectivity tools and enablers on a cloud-native foundation to reduce complexities and seamlessly integrate key systems. The platform encompasses proprietary Wipro frameworks such as Data Discovery Platform, Multi-Domain Orchestrator and Cloud Native NFs runtime platform, plus assets from an ecosystem of communication service providers and network equipment/software providers. This single, end-to-end solution accelerates the implementation of services for the connected, intelligent enterprise.
“Ubiquitous 5G connectivity can be the key enabler of business transformation, digitalization and new revenue streams, but many industries have struggled to become truly connected and capitalize on those opportunities,” said Lourdes Charles, VP and Global Head of 5G, Wipro Limited. “As spectrum continues to unlock network deployment possibilities, Wipro’s 5G Def-i platform equips businesses in any industry to finally capitalize on the promise of 5G quickly, securely and efficiently.”
Built on open standards, Wipro’s 5G Def-i platform provides the cloud-native environment, network APIs, and third-party integrations necessary for companies to onboard existing infrastructure, incubate new apps and services, and keep up with changes in technology. The integrated suite marries the scalability of the cloud with the speed and capacity of 5G. It also offers an intelligence layer to develop actionable business insights, brings visibility to endpoint devices and data insights, delivers faster service implementation for network operators, and enables speedy deployment of new applications in enterprise, factory, or smart-city environments.
“Integrating transformative resources like the 5G Def-i platform into Cisco’s 5G and Enterprise products such as Private 5G, IoTaaS, Thousand Eyes and Identity Services Engine will enable an end-to-end solution to enable businesses to enable positive business outcomes,” said Matt Price, VP Engineering, Provider Mobility at Cisco.
Wipro’s 5G Def-i platform accelerates connectivity integrations and the path to 5G-enabled revenue using horizontal services tailored for industry-specific applications. The platform’s robust security, application lifecycle management, digital-assurance services and data-analytics features support service development and delivery in multiple scenarios, from a single enterprise instance to a multi-tenant instance in a communication service provider environment.