Zydus Launches IBYRA, the Generic Version of Olaparib, Brings Both Access and Affordability for Cancer Patients in India

Business Wire India

  • The launch offers hope to patients suffering from breast, ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancers
  • For better patient support, Zydus has also collaborated with MedGenome and launched Olaparib with its companion laboratory investigation i.e. HRD (Homologous Recombination Deficiency) Test for cancer patients.
  • The oral pill along with diagnostic test cuts the cost of treatment to just Rs. 3 lacs per year making it highly affordable for patients.

In a significant stride towards making advanced cancer treatment accessible to all, Zydus has launched Olaparib, a PARP inhibitor, under the brand name IBYRA in India. The drug will target specific genetic mutations prevalent in certain types of cancers, paving the way for more tailored and effective treatment approach.

Out of 14 lac newly diagnosed cancer patients in India, nearly 2.75 lac patients are diagnosed with breast, ovarian, prostate and pancreatic cancers as per Globocan 2022 data. Amongst these patients, those who are diagnosed as HRD positive or with BRACA mutation need to be administered this PARP inhibitor which can delay the progression of the disease. IBYRA is a next gen targeted therapy for HRD positive and BRACA positive cancer patients.

To help identify the right patients and facilitate access, Zydus has collaborated with MedGenome for comprehensive HRD testing. This alongwith a year-long treatment of IBYRA has been capped at Rs. 3 lakhs as compared to the cost of around Rs. 72 lakhs by the innovator.

Speaking on the new launch, Managing Director of Zydus Lifesciences, Dr. Sharvil Patel said, “For patients newly diagnosed with these specific cancers, the right diagnosis and the right treatment early on can give them a big advantage in the fight against cancers. Our patient support focus in launching IBYRA helps them with both cutting-edge diagnosis for HRD positive cancer and precision therapy in the most affordable way. We believe this will reduce the disease burden for the patients in a significant way.”

Zydus is one of the leading players in the Oncology segment in India and has been at the forefront of launching several First-in-India biosimilars and therapies. With a highly specialized and patient centric approach, the company has been able to bring access and affordability to cancer therapies. Six of the eight oncology pillar brands, Ujvira, Vivitra, Bryxta, Enfiera, Pegstim and Obnyx are leaders in their respective categories.