Automation Meets 24×7 Support: How Progressive Infotech is Reshaping IT Managed Services with Workelevate

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Progressive Infotech, a seasoned player in the IT managed services industry, is transforming the service experience for prominent Indian and global brands, replacing even Tier 1 vendors. The company’s forward-thinking approach combines automation, 24×7 remote support, and its innovative digital employee experience (DEX) platform, Workelevate — a brand owned by Progressive Infotech.

Workelevate, powered by conversational AI, is enabling a comprehensive 360-degree employee support service desk,” shared Prateek Garg, Founder & MD of Progressive Infotech. The platform offers a wide array of features, including Conversational AI Chatbots for IT and HR support, a Self-Healing Agent, and a fully equipped admin console. It enables a significant reduction in IT ticket loads and enhances productivity, providing an elevated user experience.

Workelevate integrates with ITSMs such as ServiceNow, BMC, Zoho Desk, Symphony Summit, and any ITSM with APIs available, as well as HRMS platforms like Darwin Box, Ramco, SAP Success Factors, People Strong etc. Furthermore, its conversational chatbot seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Workspace, WhatsApp, and all leading browsers.

24×7 remote support ensures that clients’ IT systems are always operational, irrespective of their location or time zone. Leveraging Workelevate and its robust remote analyst support, the platform with remote support can resolve over 75% to 80% of tickets.

Workelevate ‘s vision is to serve the Digital Workplace round the clock, enabling business users to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Through Workelevate, Progressive Infotech is setting a new benchmark in IT managed services, contributing to happier, smarter, and faster businesses while enhancing organizational efficacy and profitability.

Progressive Infotech: Empowering Digital Workplaces of Businesses with Workelevate & IT Managed Services

As a leading IT Managed Services provider, Progressive Infotech is dedicated to helping businesses streamline their digital workplace operations by delivering employee-centric solutions and integrated managed services. Our team of over 1,000 expert professionals collaborates with more than 150 active clients, providing round-the-clock support through our 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC).

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