Conversation Intelligence Drives Better CX at Scale, Study Finds

Business Wire IndiaUniphore, one of the largest global AI-native conversational AI providers for the enterprise, today announced a new study from Forrester examining the key challenges facing enterprise customer experience (CX) programs as they navigate the complicated landscape of AI and automation tools and services that all claim to do the same thing – cut costs and increase revenue. To keep costs low, many organizations have turned to disparate CX point solutions, but end up creating “islands of automation,” lessening the impact of these solutions as a whole and risking organizations’ long-term profitability.
As part of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Uniphore of more than 300 strategy decision makers in organizations in North America and Europe, findings show organizations that take an integrated approach to CX and target the entire customer journey from chatbot to agent-assist help drive revenue and deliver more frictionless interactions. This results in happier agents and customers.
With a user base of over 700K, the largest in the industry, Uniphore has built the most comprehensive end-toend conversational AI platform — Uniphore X platform — that covers the entire customer journey from interactions with chatbots to more complex queries that require live agent assistance to delivering post-call insights. Some of the world’s top telecom, travel and hospitality, financial services and healthcare companies use Uniphore’s AI solutions to deliver quality CX experiences to their end users.
“You’d be surprised how many CX executives believe they’re on the cutting edge with CX technology and innovation, while in the next breath say that they are unlikely to be satisfied with their own organization’s CX as a consumer. In fact, only one-fourth of respondents said they would be extremely satisfied with their company’s CX,” said Annie Weckesser, Chief Marketing Officer at Uniphore. “So how do we bridge the gap? Enterprise organizations need Conversation Intelligence Platforms that unify all of the different CX point solutions. This is where Uniphore comes in. Uniphore enables organizations to take an integrated approach that brings the full value of AI and automation to the enterprise without sacrificing costs or CX quality.”
Findings from the survey include:

  • Automation silos block CX
    • Enterprise leaders have realized that simply deploying any number of point solutions to address each CX use case creates islands of automation within their organization – limiting the impact of AI and automation on revenue growth and detrimentally affecting customer satisfaction.
    • In fact, 80% of respondents believe their organization would find a Conversational Intelligence Platform highly valuable.
    • However, 70% of respondents report they struggle with unifying their investments in AI and automation points solutions.
  • The impact of CX “fails” is felt throughout the organization.
    • 58% of organizations face challenges in capturing insights from customer conversations and unifying contact center and enterprise systems.
    • This results in several critical consequences, including higher costs, revenue loss, lower CX scores, and even lower EX scores. Most respondents believe that deploying a comprehensive Conversation Intelligence Platform will significantly mitigate these issues.
  • Conversation Intelligence platforms enable great CX at scale.
    • By implementing an integrated Conversation Intelligence Platform, customer service leaders open the door to overcoming top contact center pain points – even as the business – and available customer data – scales exponentially.
    • With this foundation, organizations can meet or exceed their top objectives – identifying new business opportunities, improving CX, enabling a better agent experience and increasing revenue performance. 

To learn more about Forrester’s analysis and then understand what enterprises can do today to improve CX with a Conversational Intelligence Platform, here
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