Immersive Experience of Dunhuang Culture | Ancient Sound of Dunhuang – Cultural and Tourism Industry Complex officially opened

Business Wire India

The entire commercial space of the ‘Ancient sound of dunhuang’ – Cultural and Tourism Industry Complex Project, spanning 42,000 square meters, officially opened on June 15. With a total investment of 1 billion yuan and an initial phase investment of 400 million yuan, the complex is a significant development. The world’s first immersive cave experience theater has found its place in Dunhuang, and the world’s first immersive cave experience play, ‘Ancient sound of dunhuang’ has a permanent home and an exclusive stage. Furthermore, the Shang Yuan Market, the city’s largest interactive Silk Road intangible cultural zone, offers a one-stop immersive Dunhuang cultural experience that integrates history, culture, digital creativity, immersive performances, specialty bazaar, and artistic creativity.


The scenic design of “Ancient Sound of Dunhuang” transcends the spatial constraints of traditional theaters. Drawing from the 735 caves in the Mogao Grottoes, it pioneers a “living” cave No.736. By recreating the unique forms of scripture caves, Buddhist niches, lotus terraces, and caissons found within the grottoes, and combining them with music and dance scenes inspired by the murals, an immersive cave theater is created. This space can be seen, heard, traversed, and interacted with. Spanning a total area of 8000 square meters, it stands as the world’s first immersive cave experience theater. It represents a seamless integration of modern technology and Dunhuang art.


The entire theater of “Ancient sound of dunhuang” is an immense, boundary-less stage, divided into four viewing areas: A, B1, B2, and C. Each area offers unique viewing experience. Throughout the performance, the audience follows the movement trajectory of the play’s protagonist, Bai, navigating each space of the theater, from the most superficial to the most profound areas, gradually unraveling the storyline.


The blend of stage design, scientific tools, and digital technologies creates not just a striking visual spectacle, but also a realistic cave exploration experience. It allows the audience to undergo a series of sensory and emotional shifts during the performance. They experience the richness and grandeur of music, dance, poetry, and painting in Dunhuang art at close quarters, resulting in a truly unparalleled artistic encounter.