Keep Cool This Summer with Hitachi’s Smart Air-Conditioners

Business Wire India

Hitachi Cooling & Heating, a leading brand in the air conditioning industry in India, is guaranteeing its customers the best cooling system for their homes, Enjoy cool weather even in the peak summer, thanks to the company’s cutting-edge technology and innovative features.

Some of the Innovative Features of Hitachi Air Conditioners are:

ice Clean – This feature uses the FrostWash technology that automatically cleans the coil and removes dirt and bacteria. Hitachi’s FrostWash technology collects moisture in the room and forms dew on the heat exchanger. Frost is made evenly and captures dust for easier peeling. Dust is lifted from the heat exchanger fin as the water expands when it’s frozen. Then the frost starts to melt as per second process and drains with it the trapped molds, dust, bacteria etc., ensuring the air being circulated in the room is clean and healthy. The coil then dries up and becomes clean to offer fresh air again.

Xpandable+ – This feature is designed to adjust the cooling capacity of the AC unit depending on the heat load and user’s cooling requirement. Xpandable+ technology automatically adjusts the cooling capacity of the AC unit after certain outdoor ambient temperature and provides optimal cooling. This ensures that the AC unit consumes less energy, which can save on electricity bills.

Long air throw – This feature allows the AC unit to throw air to upto 24m*, ensuring even cooling across the room. This feature helps in creating surround cooling due to the bounce effect caused when the air throw strikes the wall. Hence, there is an even temperature maintained across the room providing consistent cooling and comfort- applicable in select models.

airCloud Home – This feature is a smart home technology feature that allows the user to control the AC unit from anywhere using their smartphone. The airCloud Home app can be downloaded onto a smartphone, allowing the user to remotely control the AC unit, change the temperature, set the cooling preferences, enable voice command with Alexa or Google.