Motorola Rolls out Latest Security Patches Along with Major Camera Upgrade like the Google Auto Enhance in Its Top Selling Range of Smartphone

Business Wire India

  • Google Photos Auto Enhance is now available exclusively in the Motorola camera interface on the new motorola edge 40 neo, motorola edge 40, moto g84 5G and moto g54 5G
  • Motorola has introduced additional camera enhancements in its latest ‘g series’ devices, going beyond Google Auto Enhance including enhanced night vision feature for moto g84 5G and some noteworthy camera improvements for moto g54 5G
  • Motorola has also introduced latest security patch on edge 40, moto g84 5G and moto g54 5G ensuring potential security from the hackers

Motorola, India’s best 5G smartphone brand, is making photo editing effortless with Auto Enhance feature from Google Photos. This feature is now available exclusively in Motorola’s camera interface on the new motorola edge 40 neo, motorola edge 40, moto g84 5G and moto g54 5G.

More than 93% of Motorola consumers effortlessly open the camera application and capture photos without any additional settings or post-capture editing. With that in mind, Motorola will add the Google Photos Auto Enhance algorithm into the camera software of the new motorola edge 40 neo, motorola edge 40, moto g84 5G and moto g54 5G. Users can toggle the Auto Enhance option in the camera’s user interface to instantly enhance color and lighting after a photo is taken. Once applied, the AI-based algorithm adjusts the components of each photo, carefully analyzing the image and automatically improving white balance, exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, saturation, and more.
The effect of Google Photos Auto Enhance is subtle yet impactful and the image processing will automatically happen in the background, so the user doesn’t need to worry about missing the moment.

On top of it, Motorola smartphones use Google Photos as the native application for all photos and videos, automatically organizing them so they’re searchable by the people, places, and things in them. This means users’ photos and memories are always easy to find and share.
Apart from google auto enhance, Motorola has also rolled out camera enhancement in the latest g series devices. When capturing images or surveillance footage in low-light conditions, it’s common for the images to exhibit a noticeable color cast, often skewed towards shades of green or blue. The moto g84 5G, now boasts of optimized night vision capabilities, delivering brighter, clearer night photos with more accurate colors. It also offers improvements in skin tones across various lighting conditions, prevents color cast issues in outdoor shots, and enhances facial sharpness for crisper photos.
Similarly, moto g54 5G has further strengthened its camera features, additionally including noise reduction in wide-angle shots and enhanced color accuracy. Moreover, this update brings HDR video support to third-party camera apps, enhancing video calling on various platforms. Existing users can easily access these benefits through update notifications or by manually checking for updates in device settings.
Motorola has also introduced the latest security patch to elevate the security of its devices. These updates will ensure safety from potential harm by hackers. The motorola edge 40, moto g84 5G, and moto g54 5G feature the latest Android security patch level as of September 2023.