TheMathCompany Brings the Power of AI to Planogram Compliance

Business Wire India

TheMathCompany, an Illinois-headquartered leading global data analytics and engineering firm, announced its strategic partnership with Streamingo, an AI-based solution provider specializing in video and consumer behavior analysis. This collaboration aims to transform planogram compliance for CPG and retail enterprises.

By combining MathCo’s expertise in data analytics and engineering with Streamingo’s deep learning and computer vision knowledge, the partnership aims to deliver customized planogram solutions and amplify results in shelf analytics.

Planogram compliance plays a crucial role in optimizing product placement and enhancing the shopping experience for consumers, driving sales and revenue for retailers and also providing product performance to CPG players. MathCo’s current solution, built on its Co.dx platform, offers real-time shelf monitoring and KPI analysis for better insights on product and store performance. The solution caters to three levels of end-users: Store Associates, Category Managers, and Regional Sales Managers.

Anuj Krishna, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer, TheMathCompany, said, “The growth of the CPG and Retail sector heavily relies on effectively harnessing the power of AI and analytics to connect with the target audience. Beyond reshaping the shelf analytics landscape, this partnership opens up new avenues for us to tap into Streamingo’s specialized knowledge in video data processing. We are confident about the potential to elevate and enrich our existing solutions through this collaboration.”

Vinay T.S, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Streamingo, said, “Streamingo is excited to partner with a very proactive and innovative business team at MathCo to jointly develop an AI-driven solution for in-store merchandising. We are positive that this partnership will not only enhance the adoption of this solution but also further empower MathCo’s customers to derive substantial business value from it.”

The partnership involves Streamingo’s development and deployment of computer vision models, maintenance, and API-based integration to generate crucial information about product arrangement on shelves. MathCo will manage the end-to-end development and deployment of the planogram compliance application on the Co.dx platform, delivering actionable insights from Streamingo’s AI models.

MathCo is renowned for its hybrid consulting model, leveraging AI and Analytics to solve specific problems for leading Fortune 500 companies. With a robust team of scientists, data engineers, visualization experts, and consultants worldwide, MathCo’s proprietary low-code platform is widely used by large enterprises to create next-generation data solutions.