Zest Outdoor Sets Guinness World Record for Most Solar Panels on a Single Billboard; Hyundai Motor Named as Green Partners

Business Wire IndiaZest Outdoor Media, worlds first green OOH asset management company which has introduced solar billboards to generate electricity, has bagged GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for installing highest number of solar panels on a single advertising billboard. With 84 solar panels, Zest Outdoor will deliver over 3 lakh units over next 5 years of solar energy to the railways. Thus, generating worlds highest green energy (solar) from a single advertising billboard.
To create a World Record of largest installation of solar panels on single advertising billboard”, three hoardings of size 40 feet x 20 feet were merged to create a single hoarding of size 60 feet x 40 feet, on which 84 solar panels were installed on rear side of the billboard to generate approximately 60,000 units of green renewal energy per annum. The size of each solar panel is 2279 mm x 1134 mm x 35mm capacity of 550 watt. In total, as of date, more than 300 solar panels are already installed in the central railway project in Mumbai on the advertising billboards.
Founder, Zest Outdoor Media, Mustafa Akolawalas belief of You are your own competition” made him do the unbelievable, he set the target of breaking his own earlier records. On receiving the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, Mustafa Akolawala commented, It gives us great pleasure and pride to announce that we have made it to the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for our efforts to install the highest number of solar panels on a single billboard. Getting validated by a prestigious international institution like GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS reinforces our grit to contribute on an even larger scale than we are already doing. For now, we are aiming to gain an income of Rs. 250 crore in the next three years and are optimistic to be able to continue to sustain our position as the first company and a dominant player in green outdoor communication. We firmly believe, like us, there are several undiscovered record breakers who have the capability to turn the impossible into possible.”
Mustafa also added “We are proud to announce that Hyundai Motor India has come on board as Green Partners on this Guinness World Record winning billboard.”
Virat Khullar, AVP & Group Head Marketing – Hyundai Motor India Ltd. said, “We are pleased to announce our association for a revolutionary solar-powered OOH platform with remarkable number of solar panels. We are proud to be a green partner of the OOH site which has been awarded Guinness World Record offering this innovative, sustainable & futuristic platform that not only reduces carbon emissions but also promotes renewable energy.”
Rajnesh Bahl, Business Head of Zest Outdoor Media, said, These kind of innovations boosts OOH industry and increase the value of the Billboards. I congratulate the entire team at Zest Outdoor for bagging the Guinness World Records. This is an exceptional feat and we have worked very hard on all our projects to be able to qualify for this title. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank MMS (Media Marketing Services) and Bright Outdoor Media for partnering with us. This is a collective win for everyone. Let us keep the momentum going and add many such feathers to our cap.”
Rajneesh further added that We are excited to announce the launch of Zest Innovation – a game-changing solution for the out-of-home advertising industry post-COVID. Our innovative approach has created a new niche in the market, with the potential to drive growth and benefit the industry as a whole. Zest Innovation promises to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry and pave the way for a brighter future.”
Zest Enterprise, entered Outdoor Asset Management Business 9 years ago. Zests quest for serving society through innovations is never ending, this ignited the thought of amalgamating Outdoor & Green renewal energy. Thus in 2019 the idea of installing Solar panels on hoardings was conceptualised. When this path- breaking idea to generate green renewal energy through hoardings” was presented to the railways, it was willingly embraced. With this project it was also envisaged that it would be the most unique and the largest installation of solar panels on advertising hoardings not only in India nor Asia but across the world. Thus making this project generate huge amount of green energy through solar. To ensure that this project becomes an engineering marvel, numero uno engineering institute IIT – MUMBAI was roped in to construct 17 hoardings (11,675 sq. ft.) and installed 392 solar panels.
Zest has been conferred with the Title of India books of records & Asia book of records for installing largest no. of solar panels on advertising billboards. In this project 40 solar panels were installed on back of 2 billboards of size 30 feet x30 feet each i.e., 80 solar panels on both. Each billboard was uniquely placed in such a manner that highest units of electricity is generated & also have good advertisement visibility. Each billboard was also designed uniquely to be aesthetically.
During the start of the contract a certain amount of electricity generation was committed to the railways, it was not only fulfilled at our end but also certified by western railways. Thus another proposal was submitted to Central railways, Mumbai for erecting 14 Advertising hoardings with solar panel (19,300 sq. ft).
Today Zest Enterprise undoubtedly claims the record for installing the highest number of solar panels ever on advertising hoardings combining both the projects. These hoardings are uniquely placed in the most busiest roads of Mumbai to attain maximum visibility and highest reach. Approximately, 2.5 million dollars were spent in erecting these 31 solar hoardings in different locations across Mumbai that will continue to generate green energy for the next 2 decades. Approximately, 1200 metric tonnes of Iron & Steel was used to erect these magnificent hoardings.