Blend For Food Is Now Launching Its WebMenu Offerings for Food Businesses and Creators

Business Wire India

Blend For Food, is a super app that is a one-stop destination for all things food – driven by the power of content and community. It is also India’s first Creator Economy driven Content to Commerce food platform. As part of its most recent upgrades, BFF has launched its WebMenu.

The offerings currently extend to food businesses in Bengaluru that provide hassle-free, digital-first food ordering solutions. This feature allows restaurants and home chefs to take their menu/products online within five mins through the ‘order direct’ model. The model for restaurants is pay-per-use with zero percent listing fees with no app download required. Right from business listing, order management, payment collection and last-mile deliveries, BFF WebMenu allows restaurants and home chefs to enjoy flexible business operations.

The Blend WebMenu also offers an integrated creator marketing tool that allows partner restaurants to collaborate with food creators to drive discoverability and customer outreach.

Highlights from Blend WebMenu

  • Create Online Menu And Go Direct: Digitize menu in a minute on Blend WebMenu. Go direct and drive a more profitable business from on-premise and off-premise customers.
  • Enable All Transactions Via Digital QR: The digital ordering system can be accessed by simply scanning a QR code. No complex setup is required. Enable seamless home delivery, table orderings, and takeaway transactions, coupled with improved efficiency and safety.
  • Delivery & Payment Solutions: Whether one has their own delivery team, or want to tap into Blend’s delivery partners, it is quick and easy to get delivery up and running. BFF has integrated with Razorpay to make the payment options seamless.
  • Customer Experience Management: It is easy to build and customize campaigns that deliver SMS and push messages to customers at just the right time. BFF has the right tools required to build relationships, and turn customers into loyal supporters.
Hariprasad Shetty, Co-Founder, Blend For Food says, “Blend WebMenu lets you create a hassle-free online business for your restaurant in minutes and deliver seamless consumer digital experiences which is critical for business growth. We are building the technology that powers QR code ordering & payment at the table, online ordering for pick-up and delivery, help the food business manage influencer campaigns, customer loyalty programs, and digital marketing.”

Collaborating with Creators

These partnerships have been viewed as the need of the hour by a lot of businesses in the food industry. It brings about visibility, generates hype and content distribution is much larger. But after the collaboration or completion of deliverables, there isn’t a specific and effective way to measure how the posts performed and how much business they were able to bring into the restaurants. Here’s where the Blend WebMenu comes into the picture. The performance of every campaign/creator can be tracked in the backend with specific details about every order and traction garnered.

Blend WebMenu has a curated list of food creators from which restaurants are free to choose who they would like to collaborate with. Creators can also curate their own favourite go-to menu from a restaurant and promote it. There is complete transparency in the ROI that is backed by a well-built CRM system. This is the first time a super-food app is enabling both parties to monetize.

As a Founder of a fairly new Small Business, KRUMBLE, Sarah Nadeem says, “I was relying largely on WhatsApp Business for orders and was exploring Food aggregators for Home Chefs/Bakers. KRUMBLE was discovered by the Blend Community on Instagram and after a detailed discussion on the concept of Blend Community and the Blend for food via Blend WebApp, I was sold! For a nominal commission, I have a robust system for Catalogue and Order Management. I am now able to track Revenue MoM and better understand and determine the trend all under one tool. Also, I no longer have to worry about Order Delivery – it’s all taken care of by Blend via the WebApp.

Marketing As A Service

The Blend Community is India’s fastest-growing community on Instagram focused on Food, Fashion and Fiction. With a 31K+ strong community, the aim is to scale to 100K by the end of this year. With a mission to deliver impact to the food businesses through creator economy and community tech, TBC has collaborated with the best of the food brands and food creators and helped their business to grow and thrive. As part of the WebMenu, Blend has introduced the Marketing As A Service (MaaS) program that targets restaurants, home chefs and D2C brands. MaaS campaigns (Marketing as a Service) are tailor-made solutions that go hand-to-hand with current business challenges – be it attracting the right target audience, new customer acquisition, or overcoming competitors. 
Here’s how it works:

  • Describe business problem or promotion plans. The Blend team would work with relevant creators based on food, location and the audience one wants to target, to solve the problem
  • The Blend Team can custom create the content for any brand in sync with the brand guidelines
  • Identifying the right platform to amplify the marketing promotion and drive a higher reach for the brand will also be taken care of.
  • Track the progress on a single dashboard and showcase reach and engagement metrics. The dashboard shows what content works best for business. The Blend team is also working on a content-to-commerce model which means now one can compute the revenue a particular piece of content/creator has driven for. So, no more just social engagement metrics but also get to know the real revenue generated via the influencer campaign.​
“As a food creator, the Blend WebMenu has turned out to be a key tool for me to measure the conversions on my posts. I receive elaborate data on a user-friendly dashboard with statistics that help me understand what my audience likes or dislikes. It also helps me show the brands, that I collaborate with, an in-depth report of how the engagement on my content has converted to commerce for them,” says Zafir Syed a Food Creator.

This product suite from Blend intends to help food creators like him who struggle to drive accountability and monetization for their content on mainstream social platforms like Instagram.